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Hi everyone!

6+ Holdem is an increasingly popular variation of a regular Holdem game recently introduced to partypoker. Today I would like to share my thoughts on this format.

Having tried this game for the very first time a year and a half ago, I quickly realised just why this type of poker game is all the rage as of late.

Favourable equity and a shorter deck means better starting hands get dealt more often, as blind structure forces players to place a full ante bet, encouraging them to dip into their stack. Even if you’re playing a single table, the action never stops. All these factors really tip the game in favour of amateur players.

Recently I was playing Triton Poker Series and at some point I had to alternate between regular Holdem and Short deck Holdem tables. I was really surprised at the difference between these two. Time flew by as I played short deck poker – I was so engrossed in the game, I could barely check my Instagram feed and messages like I usually do when playing regular Holdem tourneys!

At the moment, short deck Holdem is my new favourite poker discipline. This fast-paced game format is an ideal match for thrill-seekers. Being short-stacked and turning into a chip-leader within one hand? Easy! Being a chip-leader and losing it all after 3 hands? Even easier! :)

So far, I have managed to play only about a dozen short deck tourneys, but nothing compares to the excitement of the action at the 6+ Holdem tables. I am aiming to play short deck tourneys any chance I can and as far as I know, we are going to see this format within the upcoming partypoker LIVE MILLIONS tournaments.

Till then, I will have to get by playing cash games. partypoker have already introduced 6+ Holdem cash-games with buy-ins of up to $10, and are planning to set-up a range of expensive high-roller tables with an option to observe the game play. Get your popcorn ready!

Note: if you favour a more routine and calm game, this format is not for you, you’ll be better off at the No Limit Holdem tables. Highs and lows, ups and downs, successful comebacks and bad beats – this is why I fell in love with short deck poker. It takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions and if you set the financial aspect aside – we’re all doing it for the thrill!

As a bonus, I’d like to share my most memorable short deck hand. Enjoy!


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