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I’ve been playing at the WSOP for about 10 days now and although I have only one cash in five events (slight loser thus far), I’m really enjoying playing. I must say I am impressed with the smoothness of the way they run the WSOP. It’s a complete three-ring circus with the number of entries, registration, cashing people out, two new events each day, handling late registration, where to send players on Day’s 1, 2, and 3 of each event, the enormity of staffing the event, etc. But, they’ve pretty much got it down to a science. I salute them!

The best thing to me about this years WSOP- by far – is that the tournament start times have been moved up to 11 am and 3 pm. To all the young guns who might not like this, take it from me, you’ll appreciate it when you get older. They are also paying 15% of the field in each event (as opposed to 10% in the past). I think this is smart on their part as it keeps more people in money and the more players cash, the more events they play. Speaking of playing, I so admire all those warriors who play nearly every event. IMHO, no event in sports is more mentally draining than doing that.

The WSOP is where fortunes are made and dreams come true, but it’s not all peaches and cream at the WSOP. They keep it cold enough that you could hang meat in the tournament areas. I said to my table the other day, “If you’re lucky enough to last long enough and win a tournament, you have to hope you don’t catch pneumonia!” Here’s some good advice to those on the way to the WSOP; always bring a jacket with you even though it’s over 100 degrees outside. Oh yeah, almost forgot – if you’re looking for a $13 hot dog in Vegas, look no further than the food court at the WSOP. (Gourmet restaurants in Vegas are cheaper.) You better cash and make a score if you want to eat in the food court on the breaks.

This is a busy week for me at the WSOP. I’m played the $1k PLO on Monday, the $10k HORSE championship on Wednesday, and the $1k seniors event on Friday. (Yes, I know some of you are shocked that I’m old enough to be eligible for that tournament.) But, most importantly for me this week is that my book, “Life’s A Gamble” is finally available for sale! I’m doing a book signing at the WSOP on Wednesday, June 15th from 1-3 pm. I believe players will thoroughly enjoy it. It’s not a “how to” book but one you can learn a lot from. It’s just a fun, entertaining read. I like what Doyle Brunson said in his endorsement on the back cover of the book, “Mike’s hit a home run with this book. If you like poker, golf, or gambling stories, you’ll love Life’s A Gamble”. Although the book goes on sale at the WSOP this week, we’re hosting the ‘official’ launch party for the book on July 2nd at the ARIA, sponsored by partypoker and the WPT. I can’t wait. Incidentally, those not in Vegas can order Life’s A Gamble on It will also be available in major bookstores on July 7th.

I want to wish the other partypoker ambassadors who will be arriving soon “good luck” at the WSOP. That includes Tony Dunst, Patrick Leonard, and Roberto Romenello, who with a WSOP bracelet is looking to complete poker’s Grand Slam – winning WPT, EPT, and WSOP titles. And certainly, we’re wishing all the players who play on partypoker ‘good luck’ at the WSOP. And to those partypoker qualifiers coming out for the WPT500 at ARIA, I’ll see you soon!

If you’re around the WSOP this week, look me up and say “hi”.

All the best!

Editor: Roberto Romanello finished third from 2,242 entrants in a $1K no-limit hold’em event for $142,946, narrowly missing out on the Triple Crown

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