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The 2020 partypoker WPT World Online Poker Championships came to a thrilling conclusion on September 24 with the $102,000 Super High Roller Championship crowning its champion.

Seven players returned to the action and it was Michael Addamo who emerged from the epic battle victoriously, securing a $1,284,113 prize after a heads-up deal with Team partypoker’s Isaac Haxton who banked $1,216,286.

Those results are amazing in their own right, not many people win seven-figure payouts, but third-place finisher Charlie Godwin will be remembered for years to come. The talented recreational player turned a $109 satellite win into a $102,000 Super High Roller ticket before navigating her way to a massive $620,000 score!

Here’s how the final table went down.

WPT Super High Roller Championship Result

Place Player Country Prize
1 Michael Addamo United Kingdom $1,284,113*
2 Isaac Haxton Canada $1,216,286*
3 Charlie Godwin United Kingdom $620,000
4 Sergi Rexiach Mexico $374,000
5 Linus Loeliger Austria $276,000
6 Christoph Vogelsang United Kingdom $229,600

*reflects a heads-up deal

With only six of the seven players receiving a slice of the $4 million prize pool, play started on the money bubble. Godwin found herself as the shortest stack 1.5 hours into play and the dream looked to be over. Christoph Vogelsang opened to 25,000 with at the 6,000/12,000/1,500a level and the action folded to Godwin in the big blind. She shoved five big blinds into the middle with . Vogelsang called to put Godwin at risk of elimination.

The flop looked to have ended the dream for Godwin and she didn’t improve on the turn. The on the river sent the pot to Godwin and that dream was back on!

Daniel Dvoress burst the bubble on the very next hand. Sergi Rexiach min-raised to 24,000 with and Dvoress shoved for 11 big blinds with from the big blind. Reixach called and scooped the pot when the board ran . Dvoress busted in seventh place and that $109 satellite ticket won by Godwin was now worth at least $229,600.

Vogelsang was the final table’s next casualty. He was sat behind more than 100 big blinds when Dvoress busted but lost several keys hands to become the table’s short stack. His final hand happened during the 8,000/16,000/2,000a level and saw Vogelsang raise to 34,000 with . Haxton was next to act and he three-bet to 75,000 with . This folded out Reixach and Addamo in the blinds, but Vogelsang was going nowhere. He four-bet all-in for 279,000 in total and Haxton snapped him off.

The board ran to send Vogelsang to the cashier’s desk to collect $229,600.

The waters grew slightly less shark-infested when Linus Loeliger ran out of steam in fifth-place, a finish worth $276,000. Loeliger open-shoved for 105,000 chips (6.5 big blinds) on the button with and Reixach made the call from the big blind with . Loeliger was probably happy to see he was in a coinflip situation but certainly didn’t enjoy the board because it sent him to the showers.

Reixach was next to bust, meaning Godwin and her remaining two table mates were now guaranteed $620,000. Reixach min-raised to from under the gun and everyone folded to Haxton in the big blind who lay in wait with the dominating . Haxton re-raised to 115,000. Amazingly, despite Godwin only having 14 big blinds at her disposal and there being severe ICM implications, Reixach jammed all-in for 828,000 and Haxton called.

Patrick Leonard, Tony Dunst, and James Dempsey were in the commentary booth and couldn’t believe Reixach’s play. The board ran to bust Reixach in fourth for $374,000 and secure a massive pay jump for the remaining players.

Heads-up was set one hand later when Godwin pinned her hopes and last 14.3 big blinds on from the button. Addamo called with to leave Godwin in severe need of help. That help didn’t arrive on the flop. The turn gave Godwin a few more outs to a straight, but the river confirmed her exit.

An absolutely amazing performance from Godwin, one worth a life-changing $620,000! Godwin is living proof that anyone can win big at partypoker. Not having to battle through hours and hours of late registration, then take on pros who can afford half a dozen re-entries really levels the playing field. Godwin held her own against the world’s best players and can be extremely proud of turning $109 into $620,000.

Addamo held a chip advantage going into heads-up, his 2,300,000 (143 big blind) stack edging out Haxton’s 1,700,000 (105 big blinds). Being so deep, it was no surprise that a deal was discussed and then struck. Haxton claimed $1,216,286, Addamo $1,254,113 which left $50,000 extra for the eventual champion.

The heads-up duo played a superb heads-up match that you simply have to watch via our Twitch channel to understand how expertly the pair played.

All good things must come to an end, however, and this event ended with Addamo getting his hands on all the chips in play.

The final hand took place during the 15,000/30,000/3,750a level. Addamo completed the small blind on the button, Haxton moved all-in for 753,000 with and Addamo eventually called with .

Haxton’s fives stayed best on the flop and the turn, but he got “Greensteined” on the river when the made an appearance.

A thrilling way to conclude what has been an amazing series, one full of major satellite success stories and seven-figure scores.

Congratulations to Addamo who claimed yet another major title and added to his already glowing reputation.

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