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Mian Wei emerged victorious in the 2015 partypoker World Poker Tour UK High Roller at Dusk Till Dawn, coming out on top of a star-studded field of 48 to claim the winner’s trophy and £100,000 in cold, hard cash.

Place Player Prize
1 Mian Wei £100,000
2 Mario Sanchez Cano £60,000
3 Steven Warburton £40,000
4 Michael Mizrachi £30,000
5 Daniel McAulay £20,000
6 William Chattaway £10,000

With the buy-in set at £5,000+£250, it was no surprise that the field was mostly made up of players known around the world. Names such as James Akenhead, Adrian Mateos, Matas Cimbolas, Tamar Kamel, Jason Wheeler, Senh Ung, Tom Hall, Sergio Aido, Craig McCorkell and Sam Trickett were resent, but none of those stars managed to make it into the top six finishing positions and therefore left empty handed.

Those who did progress to the official six-handed final table secured a payout of at least £10,000. This was the sum that William Chattaway walked away with falling in sixth place. Chattaway’s exit hand saw Daniel McAulay raise to 22,000 in the cutoff, Mario Sanchez Cano call on the button, Michael Mizrachi call in the small blind and Chattaway push all-in for 46,000 in the big blind. All three players called and then checked the flop, with Mizrachi’s 75,000 bet on the turn folding out the active players.

Mizrachi turned over and beat Chattaway’s despite the falling on the river.

Fifth place went to McAulay after he pushed his into the dominating of Mizrachi, before Mizrachi fell by the wayside when his short-stacked shove with [Tx] was called by Mian Wei and his [Qx][7x] in a battle of the blinds; Wei caught a queen on the river to send the highly decorated American to the sidelines.

With Mizrachi bust, all eyes focussed on Steven Warburton who looked in control of the tournament. However, after losing a couple of key hands, Warburton got his stack into the middle with versus Sanchez Cano’s and couldn’t find any of his outs on the board.

Warburton’s demise left Sanchez Cano and Wei to lock horns one-on-one in a battle for the title. It was an epic heads-up match that spanned three hours, during which time the chip lead exchanged hands on more than a dozen occasions.

Finally, with the clocks around the casino ticking past 2:00 am, Wei raised with [6x][6x], Sanchez Cano three-bet all-in with [3x][3x] and Wei called. The five community cards failed to provide any drama, leaving the sixes to run true and Wei had won all 2.6 million chips in play, becoming the tournament’s champion in the process.

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