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Chip Counts

Don’t adjust your monitors, Tobias Reinkemeier really is the short stack. It is the first time this has happened in the Premier League, possibly the first time in his career!

The players chip stacks are as below. The +/- figure in brackets is their profit/loss since the end of the last level and the big blind figure is how many they have for the current level. Blinds are now 8,000/16,000/2,000a.

Jason Mericer – 940,000 (+282,000) –59 big blinds
Phil Laak – 650,000 (-139,000) – 40 big blinds
Tony G – 401,000 (+44,000) – 25 big blinds
Tobias Reinkemeier – 385,000 (-211,000) – 24 big blinds

Good level for

Jason Mercier – The PokerStars Pro had a great level, adding 282,000 chips to his stack. Most of which came from Tobias Reinkemeier.

Bad level for

Tobias Reinkemeier – The German lost a large amount of chips trying to take on Jason Mercier.

Hand of the level

It was a mainly scrappy level, with Tobias Reinkemeier and Jason Mercier being the most active. The pair have not been afraid to tangle with each other in three-bet pots, but there was no real stand out hand as such. It is, however, an interesting battle betweent he two.

View from the booth

“Scott’s probably got an edge over Antonio heads-up, but Antonio is my buddy and I want to see him in the final.” – Trickett on the upcoming Esfandiari and Seiver heads-up match.

“I once rebought 17 times in a $1,500 pot limit Omaha tournament and didn’t get anywhere near the money!” – Phil Hellmuth onrebuy tournaments.

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