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“Practice, study and keep playing” are Damon Bancroft-Hall’s three tips to budding poker players, “then keep repeating them forever,” he adds. Solid advice we’re sure you’ll agree.

They are tips that the 29-year old, who calls Nottingham home, puts into practice and if you need proof that they work you just have to take a look at Damon’s long list of tournament results. Despite frequenting the micro-stakes games more often than not, Damon has more than $10,000 in online tournament winnings and almost $3,500 from his live poker exploits.

Damon has been playing poker for “the best part of 10 or 11 years now” and first discovered this awesome game at the tender age of 18, as he explains.

“I remember the first time I went to a casino when I turned 18 and I was incredibly lucky winning at every game I played! I was up about £400 and, as I was leaving, Ihappened to walk into the poker room. I watched for about 30 minutes and was fascinated with it all. From there, I started watching poker on TV whenever I could.”

Unfortunately for Damon, his first poker experience wasn’t as profitable as that fateful night and he left with his pockets turned inside out.

“The first time I ever played poker I lost big though, was really tilted and upset. It took me a while to get over that. My true passion for the game was really found once I entered a weekly pub league run by DTD in The Nuthall pub. I played every Monday for two years making some great friends and learning so much about the game.”

It is because of the DTD and partypoker partnership that Damon is back at the partypoker virtual felt and he, like many others, are delighted with what the partnership has brought to the table.

“The partnership is great. I really get behind what they are trying to do and I think the community as a whole are too. The forum is a fun place, a great way to really connect. I have never felt so in touch with any other poker provider than I do now and that is great. I’m really excited for the future.”

We’re excited too!

Most poker players have a favourite poker player and Damon is no different, citing Daniel Negreanu as the professional that he looks up to the most. Unsurprisingly, Damon thinks Negreanu is the best in the world, followed by Jason Mercier and one of the UK’s own stars, Simon Deadman.

When he’s not being a dad to his three children and no doubt winding his partner up by leaving the toilet seat up, Damon juggles his time between playing multi table tournaments, cash games and studying for a career in Media and Digital technologies, which he plans to head to university as a mature student to further his studies.

Despite having his hands full and his schedule crammed to the brim, Damon is still finding time to compete in the UK Team Challenge and hopes to head to Las Vegas in 2016.

“I really want to go to Vegas next summer. I’m turning 30 and will definitely be making my first trip to play a small buy in WSOP event and try to satellite into the main. Really looking forward to it.”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is Damon Bancroft-Hall in a 500-word nutshell.

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