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Every Monday we reach out to the partypoker community as part of our Meet The partypoker People and then sit and chat about all things poker with them. This week’s subject, for want of a better word, is 28-year old Liverpudlian, Paul Lambert.

Paul was introduced to the amazing game of poker when he and some friends saw Late Night Poker on Channel 4. Something about the game struck a chord with Paul and his friends and they began playing regular £1 tournaments against each other in Paul’s garage. A few years later, now aged 19-years old, Paul created his first online poker account and played on a regular basis ever since.

Poker has been Paul’s “job” for the past two years. Cash games used to be his bread and butter, but since the turn of the year he has made the transition into multi table tournaments (MTTs).

“Up until the start of 2015 I always played cash, but this year I made the transition to MTTs and have been really enjoying it so far. In my opinion, a very important factor in playing for a living is playing games that you enjoy. The more you enjoy the games, the more you’re going to be motivated to put in the long hours required. MTTs offer a lot more fun and excitement because nothing beats the feeling of final-tabling and winning events.”

2015 was also the same time that Paul became a partypoker player where you will find him playing under the alias “Lambert567.” Recently, thanks to the partypoker partnership with Europe’s premier card room, Dusk Till Dawn (DTD), Paul has increased the number of tournaments he plays at partypoker as he attempts to satellite into some of the United Kingdom’s richest live events.

“At the start of 2015 I signed up to partypoker when I made the change to playing pretty much exclusively MTTs. Initially I played relatively small volume but the recent linking up of partypoker and DTD has been a real boon for the site. The increased MTT schedule, the ability to satellite into live events at DTD and all of the DTD related promotions has definitely made me up my volume on partypoker.”

It was at DTD that Paul helped himself to the largest score of his career so for, the princely sum of £18,000. After busting in a live satellite in 25th place with 23 places paying, Paul shook off the disappointment of bubbling and entered a £550 buy-in six-handed event the following day. Two days of high octane poker action later and Paul found himself on the final table with the likes of Julian Thew, Ian Simpson and eventual champion Ben Dobson. Paul finished in third place for a cool £18,000.

In the online world, Paul has tournament cashes of almost $35,000 and has a goal to reach $100,000 by the time 2015 draws to a close. Paul puts his success down his ability to keep focussed for long periods and to have discipline and patience at the tables, something that is crucial to success in this format of poker.

Look out for Paul at the partypoker tables; you’ll probably find him grinding the Majors and the DTD-related events!

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