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Here at partypoker, we’re proud of the diversity of our customers. Men, women, young internet grinders and so-called old school poker players all flock to the partypoker tables and help create this amazing community. Combined, they help make partypoker what it is: poker for the people.

The latest partypoker player to take some time from their busy schedule to talk with us is Moyra Davies, who you may know as madmaj if you frequent the same games as her.

Moyra is a 67-year old retired widow from Blackpool who has “two wonderful sons, a beautiful daughter-in-law and a grandson who runs rings around me.” When she’s not busy with her family, Moyra can be found playing freezeout tournaments at partypoker, particularly Omaha hi/low events.

“I mainly play freezeout tournaments,” said Moyra, “I hate rebuys. In my personal opinion, rebuys ruin the game, especially online where I think it has created an all-in culture.”

However, it was a rebuy tournament that was Moyra’s first foray into the world of poker, as she explains.

“I first got into poker by watching Late Night Poker on TV and, as I have always enjoyed card games, I thought I would like to try it out. A friend and I used to go to our local casino once per month and have £10 on the roulette table. One time, I saw a poster for a £10+£1 poker tournament, so off I ventured and managed to last two hours despite not being able to rebuy as I had only brought my buy-in and taxi fare with me! I returned the following week and won £80.”

Having played poker for the best part of 12-years, Moyra signed up for a partypoker account on the back of Dusk Till Dawn and partypoker’s partnership.

“I signed up for a partypoker account because of Dusk Till Dawn (DTD). I’ve played against Rob Yong (a nice man) in a live game and have watched Simon Trumper on TV. I was so glad they signed the partnership with partypoker.”

Moyra is also a big fan of the UK Community Forum on Facebook, describing it as “very interesting” and singling out the fact it is “a place where you can feel that your views matter and they actually do something about things that are bothering players.”

Something else that is held in high regard by Moyra is Daniel Nregreanu – her favourite player – who she says his love for the game shines through regardless of the stakes he’s playing. Moyra’s also a fan of Victoria Coren-Mitchell and Joe “The Elegance” Beevers.

Although Moyra hasn’t had the chance to play with her poker heroes, she is aiming to get to DTD this year or early 2016 if finances allow, she has played in Negreanu’s backyard – not literally – when she headed to Las Vegas thanks to a treat from her sons for her 60th birthday, which also happens to be the place where Moyra experienced her largest poker win.

“I went off on my own and started to play the afternoon game at Caesars and really enjoyed it. One Thursday evening, I managed to win $2,000! I played in a few other places that week but that was my swansong!”

Hopefully, we’ll see Moyra at a partypoker and DTD event soon and be able to celebrate her eclipsing her previous best poker result!

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