Wiktor Malinowski is better known for his high stakes cash game prowess but it appears he definitely knows his way around a tournament table. Malinowski is the new WPT #42 Super High Roller champion, an accolade that came with $354,791 in prize money.

Thirty nine players bought in for $25,500 and only seven of those received a slice of the $1 million prize pool. Sam Greenwood was the eighth place finisher, his exit popped the money bubble and secured a $52,600 payout for the surviving seven players.

Mark Radoja and Christoph Vogelsang were the first duo to bust from inside the money places. Radoja collected $52,600 with Vogelsang walking away with $61,117.

Michael Chi Zhang saw his tournament end abruptly in fifth place for $72,950 before Juan Pado crashed out in fourth for a $98,530 addition to his bankroll.

Heads-up was set when Joakim Andersson fell by the wayside in third. Andresson banked $142,110, the tournament’s first six-figure haul. Malinowski and Joao Vieira battled one-on-one for the title and the huge top prize. No deal was struck, which resulted in Vieira netting $217,902 when he fell in second, leaving Malinowski to scoop a cool $354,791.

WPT #42 Super High Roller Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Wiktor Malinowski Russia $354,791
2 Joao Vieira Netherlands $217,902
3 Joakim Andersson Malta $142,110
4 Juan Pardo United Kingdom $98,530
5 Michael Chi Zhang Ireland $72,950
6 Christoph Vogelsang United Kingdom $61,117
7 Mark Radoja Canada $52,600

Miegel Mauls Warm Up Opposition

Jakob Miegel won almost $75,000 by taking down the $1,050 Warm Up event on May 30. Some 507 players started with high hopes, but only 74 managed to make it through to Day 2. All 74 sat down in the money.

$1,173 was the least anyone could win from the main prize pool, but the event was a PKO meaning there was plenty more money to be won from busting opponents.

Just look at fifth place finisher Ioannis Angelous Konstas who won $10,887 from the main prize pool but a cool $11,250 worth of bounties thanks to eliminating 16 foes before he busted. His prize, thanks to those bounties, was more than what Joel Nystedt reeled in for his fourth-place exit.

The largest bounties, of course, were reserved for the two players who reached the heads-up stage. Francois Pirault fell in second place and won $53,848, of which $18,296 stemmed from the bounty prize pool. Our champion, Miegel, enjoyed a $74,419 prize helped by $38,816 worth of bounty payments.

WPT #42 Super High Roller Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize Bounties
1 Jakob Miegel Austria $35,603 $38,816
2 Francois Pirault United Kingdom $35,552 $18,296
3 Joseph Cheong Mexico $23,880 $11,031
4 Joel Nystedt Austria $15,685 $3,492
5 Ioannis Angelou Konstas Ireland $10,887 $11,250
6 Patrick Brooks United Kingdom $8,602 $2,968
7 Andreas Berggren Sweden $6,455 $2,546
8 Maniel Ruivo Netherlands $5,244 $2,312
9 Dalton Hobold Brazil $4,266 $4,093

Other WPT Online Series Results

    • Bruno Volkmann – first-place in the $5,200 High Roller Turbo for $85,839
    • David Scully – first-place in the $109 Mini Warm Up for $23,855*
    • Henrik Juncker – first-place in the $320 6-max Hyper Knockout for $9,477*
    • Patrick Costa – first-place in the $11 Micro Warm Up for $3,979*

*includes bounty payments

WPT Online Events Scheduled For May 31

May 31 is a massive day for the WPT Online Series, not least because of the Day 1 Turbo of the $3 million guaranteed Main Event. We also see Day 2 of the WPT500, Super50, and Super 5, which we cannot wait to see get underway.

Time (BST) Tournament Buy-in
13:05 WPT #26 Super5 Day 1L: $50K Gtd $5.50
13:05 WPT #24 WPT500 Day 1K: $1M Gtd $530
15:05 WPT #25 Super50 Day 1K: $300K Gtd $55
15:05 WPT #26 Super5 Day 1M: $50K Gtd $5.50
16:05 WPT #20 Main Event Day 1 Turbo: $3M Gtd $3,200
17:05 WPT #24 WPT500 Day Turbo: $1M Gtd $530
17:05 WPT #25 Super50 Day Turbo: $300K Gtd $55
17:05 WPT #26 Super5 Day Turbo: $50K Gtd $5.50
18:30 WPT #26 Super5 Day 1 Hyper: $50K Gtd $5.50
19:05 WPT #36 7-Max Day 1B: $500K Gtd $1,575
19:05 WPT #36 Mini 7-Max Day 1B: $150K Gtd $162
19:05 WPT #36 Micro 7-Max Day 1B: $50K Gtd $16.50
19:05 WPT #39 Closer Day 1A: $150K Gtd $320
19:05 WPT #39 Mini Closer Day 1A: $50K Gtd $33
19:05 WPT #39 Micro Closer Day 1A: $15K Gtd $3.30
20:05 WPT #20 Main Event Day 2: $3M Gtd
20:05 WPT #24 WPT500 Day 2: $1M Gtd
20:05 WPT #25 Super50 Day 2: $300K Gtd
20:05 WPT #26 Super5 Day 2: $50K Gtd
20:05 WPT #37 Omaha Hi-Lo Day 1B: $200K Gtd $1,575
20:05 WPT #37 Mini Omaha Hi-Lo Day 1B: $40K Gtd $162
20:05 WPT #37 Micro Omaha Hi-Lo Day 1B: $10K Gtd $16.50
21:05 WPT 7-Max Turbo: $40K Gtd $530

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