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Another week has been and gone and another $200,000 Guaranteed tournament at partypoker is now written in the history books. This particular story starts with 977 players buying in for $200 and one man, one called LOLrabbitLOL outlasting them all and having $27,900 placed into his account.

For a short while, everyone at partypoker HQ were more excited than they usually are because our very own Marvin “Mad_Marvin” Rettenmaier was the chip leader. The talented German, who is the only player in history to win back-to-back World Poker Tour Main Events, was flying high and bamboozling his opponents with his loose-aggressive style of play. Sadly for our Team Pro, his tournament ended with a 54th place finish worth $920.


Meanwhile, hopping through the crowds of players and towards the final table was LOLrabbitLOL, who himself was as excited as the partypoker employees were for Marvin’s deep run. Probably more so. That excitement reached fever pitch at around 10:50 p.m EDT, because the player named after small fluffy-tailed mammal had avoided the tournament’s juggernauts and had arrived safely at the burrow of the final table.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Seat Draw

Seat Player Chips
1 HanneLind 143,804
2 aufzuckerter 1,029,510
3 hsvhsv 904,300
4 weakwire1 305,173
5 MilSin 526,552
6 LOLrabbitLOL 521,380
7 salie666 306,541
8 Vulturesrus 531,394
9 gretagarbo-05 616,346

LOLrabbitLOl started the final table in the middle of the pack, but seven hands in he was up among the frontrunners thanks to sending Vulturesrus to the rail. MilSin limped in for 10,000 from under the gun, LOLrabbitLOL raised to 35,000 from the next seat along and Vulturesrus flat-called from a couple of seats across. MilSin called meaning it was three-handed to the flop.

MilSin checked, LOLrabbitLOL bet 76,000 only to see Vulturesrus swoop in for the kill with a 418,617 all-in bet. MilSin quickly folded and LOLrabbitLOL snap-called, as you probably would too with . Those ace were against the and when the turn and river fell and , the rabbit fan had shot down the vulture lover with a pair of bullets – you couldn’t make this stuff up!

Five quick-fire hands later, the table lost another player. MilSin open-limped from the hijack seat for 12,000 and after LOLrabbitLOL folded, salie666 raised all-in from the button for 156,341 in total. gretagarbo-05 was in the small blind and they raised all-in for 261,300 and folded out the other active players.

The of salie666 was in big trouble against the of gretagarbo-05 and never looked like overtaking and sucking out on it. By the river the board read and salie666 skulked off into the night.

You would be forgiven for thinking that play slowed down after that blistering start, but you would be wrong to think like that. Big pots were created as players attempted to build a stack that would put them in pole position for the $27,900 first place prize.

One such pot began with a min-raise to 30,000 from middle position by HanneLind and a re-raise all-in for 277,605 from weakwire1 in the small blind. MilSin decided to call the bet from the big blind and the original raiser folded.

It was one of tournament poker’s many races; weakwire1 holding and MilSin . The flop was perfect for weakwire1 who must have been fist-pumping and cheering in his home. Those cheers no doubt turned to boos when the improved MilSin to a set of sixes and then to pure shock as the on the river gifted MilSin quads. Game over for weakwire1.

Sixth place and $4,000 went to gretagarbo-05 before HanneLind added to LOLrabbitLOL’s already massive stack when he saw LOLrabbitLOL open to 40,000 from the button and opted to move all-in for 365,364 from the small blind, with what turned out to be . Sadly for HanneLind, the bobtailed one had a legitimate hand in and called.

Neither player improved on the board, and LOLrabbitLOL’s queen-kicker won him the pot and sent HanneLind to the rail.

Four-handed play lasted all of 27 hands and ended with a real cooler for aufzuckerter. MilSin continued his love of limping into pots with a call for 25,000 from under the gun, LOLrabbitLOL disappeared down a hole on the button, before aufzuckerter raised to 90,255 from the small blind. The big blind folded, MilSin raised to 225,000 and then called when aufzuckerter jammed all-in for 769,158.

MilSin had limp-raised with the deadly and was a substantial favourite over the of aufzuckerter. The aces of MilSin held true as the five community cards ran and aufzuckerter was gone in fourth.

LOLrabbitLOL excelled during the three-handed stage and was sat with a stack of 3.119 million – that’s a lot of carrots! Fifty-four hands after aufzuckerter exited, MinSin min-raised to 60,000 from the small blind, LOLrabbitLOL raised all-in from the big blind and MinSin called off the last of their 210,110 chips.

The flop, turn and river came and the of LOLrabbitLOL remained best against the of MilSin and the heads-up stage arrived.

Going into the final battle, LOLrabbitLOL brought 3,482,180 chips with him, and hsvhsv 1,456,820.

After 50 hands, hsvhsv had pulled level and then started to forge a lead for himself, but then LOLrabbitLOL kicked on and had around 90% of the chips in play when the final hand begn.

With blinds now 20,000/40,000/2,000a, LOLrabbitLOL raised to 80,000 with and hsvhsv raised all-in to 617,640 with . LOLrabbitLOl made the call, flopped an ace and avoided a ten on the turn and river to bust hsvhsv in second place and become the latest player to win the partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday tournament.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 LOLrabbitLOL $27,900
2 hsvhsv $16,900
3 MilSin $10,100
4 aufzuckerter $7,600
5 HanneLind $5,500
6 gretagarbo-05 $4,000
7 weakwire1 $3,180
8 salie666 $2,500
9 Vultresrus $2,000

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