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Despite winning that huge pot where he eliminated two players in the same hand, Elior Sion has lost his chip lead and the momentum seems to be with Reece Lewis right now.

In one hand Sion opened to 65,000 with and then called when Lewis three-bet to . The flop saw Sion check fold to a Lewis continuation bet.

Almost immediately after that hand Lewis took the chip lead from Sion. Lewis opened to 75,000 from the button, Robin Fisher called with pocket deuces and Sion called with his . The flop was checked by all three players, but when Fisher checked the arrival of the turn, Sion bet 125,000. Only Lewis called this and it was heads up to the river.

Sion tried to represent the flush by betting 410,000 with his ten-high and it looked to have worked because Lewis tanked for close to 90 seconds before calling with his . Lewis now has the chip lead.

  1. Reece Lewis – 2,930,000
  2. Elior Sion – 1,510,000
  3. Robin Fisher – 995,000

Blinds are 15,000/30,000/5,000a.

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