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Brazil’s Guilherme Passos (Ggpassos on partypoker) celebrates a year as a professional poker player in June 2021. At 28, he had a late start. He’s taking his first steps in his career and has plenty of development to do, but he has done very well so far.

Guilherme became Legend of the Week at the beginning of February, winning Leaderboard 3. Winning the $11 buy-in Terminator: $20K Gtd, for the $ 2,721, after beating a field of 2013 players.
“I won the Terminator on February 5th, so it was probably this one win that got me in front,” the Brazilian told the partypoker Blog.

Winning Leaderboard 3 awarded Guilherme a fantastic Daily Legends tournament ticket package consisting of one ticket for $ 215, three tickets for $ 150 and another one for $ 320 –
“I played The Juggernaut $50K Gtd ($150 buy-in). I won one bounty and I got to finish in the money. It was really worth it”.

Triumphing in the Terminator and topping the Legend of the Week leaderboard are highlights of Guilherme’s year-to-date.

Since May 2020, when he started playing on his current Ggpassos account, his results have positive and his graph is going in an upwards trajectory. According to the tracking website Sharkscope, Guilherme has $8,400 profit, which is great for someone who has been a professional for less than a year, and who’s average buy-in is $12.

In 2020 and 2021, Guilherme has some big hits to brag about. In addition to the Terminator, he was fifth in The Superstack $20K Gtd ($756), runner-up at The Five Diamond: $5K Gtd ($714), and another runner-up in the Ultrasonic $11: $5K Gtd ($932).

Winning the Terminator in February saw Guilherme break his previous record for his biggest score. Guilherme’s previous largest prize weighed in at $1,447, which he collected for a runner-up finish, ironically, in The Terminator.

Guilherme Passos discovered poker just over six years ago. He began his career by playing home games with friends, before entering the world of online poker in 2016.
“I discovered poker through my older brother in 2014. At that time, I played home games with family and friends”.

He added some professionalism to his game when he joined the Lobos Poker Team. Even before then, Guilherme had put in countless hours studying as he strived to become a serious competitor.
Guilherme hired Gustavo “KKgustavoKK” Sampaio as coach and in joined the Time da Forra poker team in August 2017. He stayed with this team for six months before spending two months at Standard Backing.

The Brazilian made a tough decision to take a break from poker to concentrate on his studies and business ventures. At the age of 27, Guilherme found himself at a crossroads. He had not yet developed his skills or built his bankroll to levels that allowed him to make a living from poker.

“It was in that year that I decided to take a break from poker and focus on college and work again, as I still didn’t have a solid financial base and my poker earnings didn’t allow me to make a living out of it” he recalls.

Guilherme, who was an accounting student in Brasília, remained as an entrepreneur for about a year. However, poker came back into his life and quickly took over his spare time.
“I fully dedicated myself to this entrepreneurship, until the end of 2019. In 2020, I started to divide my time between my company and poker with nothing else in between. Eventually, I felt prepared to make the transition and focus 100% on poker”, says the player.

From Basketball to Poker: a History of Two passions

By choosing poker, Guilherme chose the exciting option, although he was still not sure that it would be the safest. He knew if he gave up being a poker pro, he would be dropping a passion for the second time.

In 2004, at the age of 11, Guilherme played basketball competitively. First in little leagues then in amateur or semi-professional teams as an adult, Guilherme had aspirations of becoming a professional basket ball player.

“I started playing basketball in 2004. I played for several teams (youth teams, school team, college team, etc.)”, recalls Guilherme, who is 1.97m tall and used to play as a forward. “I played for the BSB teams, for Uniceub / BRB , Sport Club Recife, Faculdade UPIS, among others. I also played in some independent tournaments”.

In the end, Guilherme could not build the career he would like in basketball, but his history with the orange ball served as an apprenticeship for his life in poker; a completely different sport, but also very competitive.

After more than 10 years involved with basketball, poker meant a rebirth of that old dream of being a professional, competitive player. Joining the Lobos Team was what made the difference for Guilherme to achieve the success he always yearned for.

You do not have to be tall, quick, agile or strong to be successful in poker. However, the goal of getting there is as challenging.

In Brazil, this long road is often shortened by working hard with poker teams. A step in his upward trajectory has been the financial and technical support offered by the Lobos Poker Team, in particular the trio of instructors Pedro Moreira (drinho_98), Marllon Santiago (marllonpinto) and Elias Neto (saojorge2222), who closely monitor the development of the team’s players.

Evolution, Future and Daily Legends tournaments

Guilherme won the Legend of the Week leaderboard in February bit knows there is still a lot of ground in front of him before he achieves his goals and establishes himself as a profitable player in the long term.

He works hard every day, mixing playing and studying as he hones and sharpens his skills.

“We do tournament reviews and lots of analysis.”

Our leaderboard winner also participates in the famous study group RegLife, with content produced by the greats Gustavo Mastelotto and Yuri Dzivielevski.

Week by week, Guilherme is getting closer to achieving his goals. Desire, discipline and talent are key ingredients to this happening, as well as surrounding yourself with the right people. Other factors can help players evolve quickly from small to mid-stakes. Not least our Daily Legends tournaments that have limited re-entry, superb structures, and reduced late registration, which levels the playing field.

“I like the Daily Legends, mostly because of the limited re-entry policy. I believe it is more interesting for recreational players and new pros.”

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