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Yikes, I just want to erase the memory of the WSOP Africa main event as quickly as possible so I’m writing this 10 minutes after busting.

Struggled to win a pot in the first 3 levels, not that it really matters because the blinds are so small relative to the stacks, but had a few really aggravating  spots with good second best hands and ended up going out to a guy who had just done too many weird things for me to fold to with AA on a 7810dd board in the 3rd level, he found the 1010 for top set.

The field was relatively weak and the structure was pretty good, so I really liked my chances of a deep run, but guess it was not to be.

Pretty good venue for a poker tournament

I played the PLO rebuy event the day after I arrived and busted that pretty early in a standard spot.

We got it all in on a K82cc flop, I had AKJ9cc and he had middle set and filled up on the turn. I was really happy to see Felipe Ramos take that event down, he played a really strong final table plus he’s a great bloke, so big congrats to him.

The resort is set on the Vaal river, and it’s a pretty good venue for a poker tournament. It’s the first ever WSOP event here and I’d definitely come back next year despite the long flight. I’ve got a few more days in South Africa and the plan is to take it easy and unwind.

This year’s been amazing but all the traveling and tournaments have taken their toll and I’m looking forward to spending a few weeks away from the felt.

The thing I’ve found hardest as this year has gone along is putting in 100% each time. I feel like I basically have been, but I can definitely notice that every tournament I play I’m finding it harder and harder to maintain that concentration level you need to have to go deep in these things. I’m hoping that a bit of a break now will do some good and I can come back fresh later in the year.


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