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Despite being offered the chance to live in a castle for a week I was unable to make the WPT National Series in Vejle, Denmark but I am hearing some very interesting news from there on Day 1A today.

It would appear that our commentator friend we all know and admire Jesse May has qualified online for a live poker tournament for the first time in 12 years – this makes it his first tournament qualification since internet poker began.

More Poker Hands than Hot dinners

Here’s a guy who has seen more hands than anybody else over the years but still doesn’t qualify – here’s a man with a lifetime achievement award from the European Poker Awards in Paris who has only qualified for the first time!  Why has it taken so long Jesse?

Jesse brings colour to our game and is a good example of how the journalistic eye brings something to the game.  i find sometimes that with poker and other sports that there is a tendency of producers to throw in ex-professionals only despite their lack of broadcasting credentials. Jesse is one of the founding fathers of poker journalism. He’s got his Rambo bandana on and he is ready to go to war.

Feeling thirsty Jesse?

Jesse estimates that he has conservatively spent tens of thousands on online satellites in the last 12 years, Padraig Parkinson insists it is a lot more. If he wins this one maybe i should stake him for the $1 million buy-in at the WSOP. What do you think? One drop for Jesse? Should he play more and let them ‘Shut Up and Deal’ or would Zasko be a better staking horse?


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