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The Grand Prix Poker Tour attracts recreational poker players in droves thanks to its affordable buy-in, and the fact they can qualify for a shot of a $250,000 guaranteed prize pool from only $0.01 at partypoker, but professional players also flock to GPPT events due to the huge cash prizes on offer.

One such poker pro came out on top of more than 2,100 entrants in the Brighton leg this weekend, one who has a World Series of Poker bracelet, a World Poker Tour title, and more than $2 million in live cashes. Step forward, James Dempsey.

Grand Prix Poker Tour Brighton Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 James Dempsey $40,000
2 Tom Simm $24,000
3 Seth Webber $16,000
4 James Alsop $12,260
5 Ken Priestnall $9,000
6 Pete Burgon $7,000
7 Paul Nugent $5,500
8 Jamie Robinson $4,000
9 Jaraslaw Szwarc $3,000

Day 2 saw all 224 returning players guaranteed $330 (including a $109 GPPT ticket), but with $40,000 awaiting the eventual champion, nobody wanted a min-cash.

Over the course of the afternoon and evening of July 24, 2016, the likes of Nuno Duarte, Phil Mighall, Timoetheos Timotheou, Paul Jackson, Sylvia Hewitt, Richard King, Dewi James, Peter Wigglesworth, Ali Zihni, and Deborah Worley-Roberts crashed out. When Michael Boyd bust in 10th place, the tournament’s final table was set.

Grand Prix Poker Tour Brighton Final Table

Seat Player Chips
1 Jamie Robinson 2,225,000
2 James Alsop 9,005,000
3 Peter Burgon 1,815,000
4 Jaraslaw Szwarc 1,070,000
5 James Dempsey 6,990,000
6 Ken Priestnall 10,900,000
7 Paul Nugent 2,880,000
8 Seth Webber 3,110,000
9 Tom Simm 2,860,000

First to fall at the final table was Jaraslaw Szwarc, who found himself all-in with against Dempsey’s dominating . The five community cards ran out to send Szwarc to the rail.

Eighth-place went to Jamie Robinson after he ran his into Dempsey’s , and he was drawing dead by the turn of the board, before Demspey continued crushing, claiming the tournament life of Paul Nugent when his prevailed against Nugent’s .

After Nugent’s exit, it was Peter Burgon who fell by the wayside. Burgon found himself drawing to three outs, his going up against James Alsop’s . A final board reading sealed Burgon’s fate.

The last player to bank a five-figure score was Ken Priestnall. His was in good shape against Tom Simm’s , and looked set for a double up when the flop came into view. However, the turn put the ball in Simm’s court, and when the river landed, it was game over for Priestnall.

Everyone was now guaranteed at least $12,260, but Alsop would win no more as he bust in fourth place when his lost a race against Seth Webber’s with the board running nine-high.

Webber’s tournament ended abruptly in third-place when Dempsey set him all-in with what turned out to be the lowly . Webber called off his remaining chips with and was crushed when Dempsey flopped trips on the board.

Dempsey took a 24 million to 17.6 million chip lead into heads-up against Simm, and Simm had added pressure as he held a Golden Chip, meaning if he won the tournament he would gain an extra $50,000 in prize money, making this a $90,000 heads-up game for him!

Although Simm drew level, the all-important final hand went Dempsey’s way. On a flop reading , Dempsey checked, Simm bet 2 million, Dempsey raised and then called Simm’s all-in bet.

Simm showed , Dempsey the , and when the board ran and , Simm bust in second-place, and Dempsey was crowned GPPT Brighton champion.

Next up on the Grand Prix Poker Tour

Next on the agenda for the Grand Prix Poker Tour in the UK is a trip to Cardiff on the weekend of September 3-4. Before that $250,000 guaranteed affair, there are $50,000 Minis in Manchester, Milton Keynes, and Glasgow.

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