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Seven-time world champion motorcycle racer, Carl “Foggy” Fogarty, can now lay claim to being a poker champion after he won the partypoker Big Bluff challenge at Brighton’s Amex Stadium on July 24, 2016.

The Big Bluff challenge was designed to show that anyone could learn how to play and enjoy poker in a short period of time, even if they are a complete novice of the game.

Carl was joined by fellow celebrities Adebayo Akinfenwa, Jorgie Porter, and Melinda Messenger in a trio of masterclasses designed to show them the basics of poker, the importance of maintaining a “poker face,” and the mental side of the game.

Four partypoker qualifiers, who won their seats via social media promotions over the past few months, joined our quartet of celebrities and Dusk Till Dawn’s Simon Trumper, at a live final table during the Grand Prix Poker Tour Brighton festival.

The first celebrity to fall was Melinda, who was disappointed to be the first out of the door, but loved the whole experience.

“I placed last on the table…even with a good hand, I’m disappointed but I’ve never played before and whilst I hate losing I’ve just loved the whole experience; learning with the others and picking up all the poker tips and tricks has just been fantastic. I can’t wait to bluff my way through the next game and I’ll definitely win the next time…I want to play these guys again soon!”

Next to head for the rail was Jorgie, who fell by the wayside at the hands of Adebayo, better-known as “The Beast.”

“I’ve had a brilliant time, my poker face obviously needs more practice and I’ll be trying it out on my friends and family before entering the next poker tournament. I’m so pleased to have won a share of the final pot for my charity RNLI, though.”

Jorgie’s elimination meant either Adebayo or Carl’s would be crowned the Big Bluff champion, setting up a tense finale as both men are born winners. Eventually, it was Adebayo who bust, but he was more disappointed with the fact he wouldn’t see his new friends soon, showing the amazing social experience that poker creates.

“The last three months have sped by. It’s been so memorable and bringing four people from different walks of life together has been exciting…we’ve become a family. Carl may have won but he was only slightly better than me, I will continue to play poker and maybe beat him next time. I’m only sorry that I won’t get to see the guys again soon!”

Adebayo’s exit meant the NSPCC was set for a cash injection, and also gave Carl yet another trophy for his already full trophy cabinet.

“I won! I practised until I had my poker face perfected and then unleashed it on the final table. I’ve had an amazing time and we’ve had such a laugh. Even after all the wins in my life this still feels as good as the first. It’s great to add another title to my seven world titles!”

Tom Waters, Group Head of partypoker, was one of the first to congratulate Carl and the Big Bluff celebrities, and set them a challenge to see who would be the first to win one of partypoker’s online Power Series tournaments.

“We’re so thrilled that the celebrities have taken on the the partypoker Big Bluff challenge and offer huge congratulations to Carl for his win. He demonstrated real knowledge of the game and is a worthy champion, showing he’s number 1 in everything he does. All the celebrities performed brilliantly in the final, it was a close game, and the tips and skills they picked up in the masterclasses obviously helped. To think that they had never played poker before starting out just 3 months ago is incredible and proves that with enough practice anyone can master the game. We look forward to seeing which of the celebrities will be the first to win a Power Series tournament!

Big Bluff Final Table Results

With Carl being the final celebrity to bust, and therefore winning the Big Bluff challenge, the tournament continued to its conclusion.

Simon Allen, a partypoker qualifier, bust in third place, leaving Bob “Kilted Shark” Tait and Simon Trumper to lock horns heads-up. Trumper eventual emerged victorious, banking £1,200. All four partypoker qualifier won a Grand Prix Poker Tour ticket worth $109 on top of their cash winnings, with the full payouts shown in the table below:

Place Player Prize
1 Simon Trumper £1,200
2 Bob Tait £800
3 Simon Allen £600
4 Carl Fogarty £500 to charity
5 Adebayo Akinfenwa £500 to charity
6 Liam Arnold £400
7 Jorgie Porter £400 to charity
8 Andrew Harris £300
9 Melinda Messenger £300 to charity

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