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I met up with a really good friend last night in the break of the World Open VI heat 2 and we talked about the value of money in poker.

I always see poker players as people I chat to, hang out with and give most of my time to, as the casinos are always my second home. I don’t see them as millionaires who could probably buy up half of the city.

That amount of money would be life changing

What we both noticed is that after spending so much time in the industry – numbers are only numbers – a million dollars becomes a figure you copy paste into the last report before u hit ‘publish’.

In real life, that amount of money would be life changing, but in this world it’s the currency of reaching higher level. Of course, a lot of players enjoy their winnings by traveling, buying property and investing.

My call is one of them might be Jake Cody who I spoke to on two occasions this week – after he won the WPT London and when he busted from the World Open VI heat 4. One would think winning an EPT, going deep in some local events and hitting the WPT London would change good old Jake Cody, but you would be terribly wrong – absolutely minted, Jake Cody remains cool and level-headed as he talks about the plans for the Triple Crown.

Jake Cody: Mike Sexton is my hero

“Of course I am happy because I won but it won’t change who I am”, said Jake Cody and I actually believed it. The smile on his face when he talked about Mike Sexton being his hero and commentating on his game as the best poker performance in the history of WTP just said it all.

Makes me happy to see such genuine reactions and makes me love my job even more. So, there it is – me and Jake Cody talking at illegal times here at the Palm Beach casino. I promise you, playing poker before noon is not healthy. Enjoy the video!

Jake Cody, born 4th of July 1988 in Manchester, England, started grinding online before hitting the big one and winning the EPT Deauville.

It was the only natural thing to happen – Jake Cody spent years of watching videos online and played with people he respects and admires and talked to them about hands. Unlike most of the players nowadays, Cody never uses software to keep track of his game – it is all about taking notes and those turned out to be useful because Jake is on a great run – great results in local events in the UK can only give him more boost for the Triple Crown hunt during the WSOPE ME.


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