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Jaime Alguersuari was present at the WPT Spanish Championship 2010 in Barcelona and we sat down with him for a talk on poker, Formula 1, and girls.

You have joined the PartyPoker stable of players alongside Giancarlo Fisichella, how do you compare as a player?

I only met Giancarlo for the first time last year – I know he is great poker player as well as legend in F1. I haven’t played him yet and would really like too. I don’t mind, I will play him in a tournament but how about a heads-up match for charity? I am not going pretend I am the favourite, I have seen his game!

The thing about being an F1 driver is it is always about the action and this is both positive and negative when you play either online or in the land based environment. The parallel to when you push your chips in the middle in F1 is taking a corner flat out. You have to pick your spots when to be aggressive and I think this is what I have to learn.

I am new to the game and play it for fun but I hope to be in a position to beat Giancarlo soon. I give a public challenge to him now – I don’t mind we could play online or live? Let’s get it on! I finished half way in the field in my first bounty tournament on – my problem, I just lost patience, I pushed too hard – it is about finding the right balance. I am looking forward to the next online bounty tournament in June.

Giancarlo is poker mad. Last year there were plenty of games in the Force India camp on the Friday’s before testing. They had to put a stop to it as it was getting in the way at one stage. The poker became a major focus. The players I would look out for as top poker players are Luizzi and Kubica, – I would say Kubica has to be on of the best if not the best. He is right up there with Giancarlo.

You are here at the WPT Barcelona, presented by What do you think?

I just wish I could play but I have other commitments. 326 players and a total prize of over 1 million euros is fantastic. Poker is on the rise in Spain I have no doubt. This tournament looks fantastic and it was great to meet pros Dragan Galic and Tyron Krost.

There are qualifiers for packages for the Valencia Grand Prix. You are going to meet them?

Yes, I am very much looking forward to this and encourage people to try and win a package – it is going to be amazing. What’s special for me is that the Grand Prix is in Spain and though I known I am going to be very busy that day I aim to get the customers some excellent access. It is quite an experience to be around the pits and garages on an F1 race day! Who knows, we may have time for a game too!

Right let’s get down to business – you are the youngest Formula One driver in history – tell me about the girls?

LAUGHS. I have to say I think the hottest girls were in Monte Carlo but Melbourne and Canada were amazing too. China wasn’t as good in comparison. I don’t have a girlfriend but I am certainly on the look out for one – she has to understand me and my way of life though. What do I look for? It would be great that she is mature in the head and very pretty.

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Who out of the drivers has the most luck with the ladies? You are commonly regarded as the youngest and best looking driver on the circuit?

LAUGHS – I think I have to be taller than her – she cannot be taller than me. Also helps if she isn’t stressy. My previous girlfriends haven’t understood my life – being on the motor racing circuit is like a different world. I would like a girlfriend (looking at Tatjana Pasalic) – LAUGHS.

Not like Tom Cruise when he was with Nicole Kidman then? Which driver has the most luck with the pit girls?


Do Jenson Button or Lewis Hamilton play poker?

Not as far as I am aware – I know Jenson much better than I do Lewis.

partypoker tournament prosDoes anybody play the pitgirls?


Tell us about being a dj?

It’s great, I have played clubs everywhere – would be great to play for all the PartyPoker players one day.

That must help with the girls too?

LAUGHS – I am looking for a girlfriend.

Want to go all-in for life?


What about Espanyol. Do you support them or Barcelona?

I am a big fan of Barcelona – I am amazed by what Pep Guardiola has done – they are amazing. I have a good relationship with Gerard Pique. Let me say though, I also support Espanyol, I don’t like to see them lose and they have a place in my heart.

Ever been caught speeding? Know the story about the policeman who pulled over a car and said ‘who do you think you are Ayrton Senna?’ and it was Ayrton Senna?

I got pulled over by a policeman in Barcelona on January 1st this year. I had some wine and was given a breath test but there was no issues, I have too much to lose!

Did you know that when Giancarlo came to London to play the Sports Stars Challenge last year the mini bus driver got ill and he took the wheel. Also, when he was on the way to the airport he said to the driver can we go back for some Nobu and he ended up in KFC?

I will remind him about that next time I see him!

Who is going to win the F1 World Championship?

Red Bull has the best car at the moment it would be fair to say but there is a long way to go. Sebastian Vettel is looking good but you cannot write off Ferrari and McLaren. I want to continuously finish in the top ten for the time being. What’s next? I want to be in the top three every race.


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  1. I may not enjoy F1 as much as I did in the days when senna, prost and mansell were around, but I still do love it.
    Monaco is always a wonderful and beautiful race to watch (and not just because of all the hot girls!)
    I like to read about new drivers entering the sport and hear their opinions.
    Good interview!