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It’s the hot women month. Just as I was making lunch, my Tweetdeck announced another tweet (it’s Tattytats if you want to follow me). It was Kim Kardashian saying thanks to FHM for being Nr.9 hottest girl in the world. I think she should be in the top 5 at least but I can’t always get it my way.

A few minutes later, Maxim published his own list, another 100 hotties. We have the same election in the UK, Croatia (it’s so cool to have two homes!) and I think this month we should celebrate hot women!

It’s really funny to be on those lists, I remember when I was voted sexiest by Jenny Woo readers. It’s very flattering and again a bit scary because random people start posting your pictures on forums, analysing every spot and pore on your face, comment on your skin and hair…

Do you want forever young face or a WSOP bracelet?

But I can not say it does not make me feel very special when I wake up and think of it. Still, I would like to quote one of my favourite actresses, Eva Mendez, on this subject and say that I agree with her saying that she would trade her beauty for an Oscar cos what is the point in a pretty face if you are not given a bright head. Id defo struggle if somebody said: ‘ Do you want forever young face or a WSOP bracelet?’

I would go for the bracelet tho cos there are gorgeous women who are aging in front of us and are looking better than when young. For example, Kim Cattrall, Monica Belucci, Kristin Davis…

Recently, I ran into a link that listed yet another poker sexiest gals. I think all girls are beautiful, no matter the size or color but I noticed people get very upset with these lists as they find various names in them. Sometimes, journalists put up celebrities that have played poker a few times and take places for the girls that actually put in long hours playing and improving their game. I am so happy to see more and more girls at the tables and I would like to invite the existing players to keep up the good work, and for the celebs – if you have the honor of being an ambassador, get it out there and show the world how beautiful this game is!

Let’s all celebrate the month of hot women and thanks to everyone that has voted for me!


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