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Tony G is in the house – I am planning to make my entrance to the WPT London Poker Classic after the dinner break this evening. The reason I am taking to the tables late? No, I haven’t got all Hellmuth and gone shopping for a Julius Casear costume –  I am plotting!

Yesterday, Usain Bolt was spotted in the reception at the Mayfair Hotel where the WPT London Poker Classic is being held. Somebody called me but you guessed it – Usain had bolted!

Some of you may not know that when I was a young G I was a champion athlete in Lithuania – I crushed Hellmuth and Negreanu in Vegas so how about dismantling the Bolt? Here’s my proposition to Usain that has been communicated to him. I have heard he is receptive!

Think You Can Beat Me Usain?

Tony G v Usain Bolt to race over 100 metres anywhere in the world. The winner gets $50,000 for  a charity of their choice and I will put this money up myself. I have no chance against the fastest man in the universe who can run sub 10 seconds you say? Well, I get a 50 metre headstart! BRING IT ON.

My sponsors have also offered to buy him into the WPT London Poker Classic – will he win a race then? He has until 1.30pm on Wednesday to come down.

I would be delighted to host this charity challenge in Lithuania. Alternatively, I am getting a new house built in Vegas and I am getting a basketball court installed as I am trimming down on the space in my garage – 33 car spaces is a little rich! I am willing to build an indoor race circuit for me and the Bolt in case he wants to race in Vegas – we’ll do it at my joint.

I will send a jet. Let me know! I have already pencilled in some training sessions. I am sponsoring the Lithuanian basketball team in the current world championships in Turkey and a few of the boys from the team have offered to help optimize my physical condition.


Lithuania beats the current world champions Spain in the basketball world championships. I sponsored the team and once I am finished at the WPT I will be flying out to Istanbul to join them. I was so happy I decided to crazily pay out double to all the punters that had backed them through my tony g bookmaker in Lithuania. I made an absolute fortune – it covered my investment in the team – at one point they were 50/1 shots!



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