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Well, well, well. I think Vegas has been very good to me this time around. I can hardly wait for the WPT London Poker Classic now and the World Open VI. I am on fire…all I can say is watch out everybody and watch out cash games at Crockfords – Tony G is on his A game!

I have been staying at the Wynn and taking part in The Big Game for Fox. I cannot give any results away but let’s just say Hellmuth was on my table, I destroyed him. Negreanu the bike thief? Bike time!

This will be a great show. I cannot wait until it’s shown on television, I think it will be my best show ever. I dispatched every super pro ruthlessly – first I removed their soul, followed by their hearts and then their spinal columns! Finally, of course, I took their money!

There was an exception though – a lovely ‘Loose Cannon’ called Elizabeth who you can see with me pictured. She was the recipient of the guiding hand of Tony G – I guided her through this brutal line-up and through the post show party at XS. It was great that this loose cannon had a twin sister too – two loose cannons running amok with Tony G the lion in a top Vegas night spot? Perish the thought!

How I Humbled The Poker Brat

Again i wont be specific but you will see that Phil makes a remarkable confession on the show. Can he live with me anymore? This was a magical moment as I watched him pack up his chips and get the bus home. I nearly fell off my chair! I feel vindicated now – this is what I warned Surinder Sunar at the WPT Grand Prix De Paris all that time ago and what I have warned my rivals since. I recently got invited to the Raising the Stakes poker dinner in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital at Les Ambassadeurs on the 30th September.

This is a brilliant event organized by the captains of the gaming industry and I am very much looking forward to it. See: for more information. One problem – I am due to be on the same table as Hellmuth. Don’t worry Phil it isn’t a poker table it’s a dinner table – you cannot let down the world’s biggest children’s hospital just because you cannot be anywhere near me! Don’t play it like a tournament Phil!

Attacked By Steve Wynn’s Dog!

Tony G is running good but there was a slight downside. I got attacked by one of Steve Wynn’s vicious German Shepherd guard dogs. I can see through the souls of my opponents at a poker table but my dog whispering skills are still not up to scratch.

It all started when they sent one of Mr Wynn’s Rolls Royce’s to pick me up and take me to a nice villa which was next to Steve’s. I had to have a little peek and the dog reared up at me – easy does it Rover! I came away with no teeth marks – if you were a German Shepherd and you saw a lion would you be scared?

I also invited the whole pokernews strategy team for a get together and got them a villa. Randy Lew (Nanonoko) and ‘LitleBastrd’came down. Randy Lew plays 24 tables at once and is the best poker player that I know – meeting him in person was unreal and to think that there are genius poker players that are much better then me is sick. I was in awe of this guy –  he is the most special poker player I know who can play 24 tables and win over $1 million+++ over a long period. This is a special, special kid – catch his videos at

The WPT London Poker Classic cannot come soon enough! And yes, Mr Alexander Kravchenko, I am still waiting to hear about your parasailing Russian donkey entrance!


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