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Some players can go their entire poker careers without experiencing the joy of becoming a champion. Mexico’s “SoyTuSicaria” is not one of those players because she recently triumphed in the McLaren Turbo Series Mini Main Event, turning $5.50 into an impressive $2,310.

We referred to the PartyPoker player as she because we know “SoyTuSicaria” is better-known to her friends as Isaura Bermejo, a 26 year old hailing from Los Cabos, Mexico. Isaura has a bachelors degree in mass communication, and has a passion for being creative, traveling, trying new things, and poker. Since May, Isaura has divided her time between making art and playing poker.

Isaura has a former work colleague to thank for introducing her to online poker.

“I started to learn the game in April 2021. I had some time off at my office job and a friend say that I was super competitive and love thinking about strategies, and that’s what poker is all about. I was intrigued, and started playing $1 sit & go before switching to multi-table tournaments. Having build a bankroll, I progressed from the micro-stakes to the low-stakes, and now take shots in mid-stakes tournaments.”

The Reasoning Behind the Alias

The PartyPoker Blog learned that Isaura’s alias translates to “I am your hitman,” a strange name choice if we do say so ourselves.

“It’s funny, I was going to put my name but a friend said you should choose a character instead. ‘Soy tu sicaria’ is a song that can get really stuck in your head, and I thought it was a cool nickname. My aliases at other sites come also come from songs about empowered women.”

Isaura was one of 4,687 entrants in the McLaren Turbo Series Mini Main Event. She decided to play in this event partly because of the $20,000 guaranteed prize pool.

“PartyPoker is one of my favorite sites to play at due to the blind structure and the field sizes. It was a really good guaranteed, there weren’t that many players making it through to Day 2, and it was a turbo, too.”

The Universe Aligned For Isuara’s Victory

Isuara explained to the PartyPoker Blog that se was in the zone with around 30 players remaining, and she felt like the universe was willing her to take down the tournament.

“I was winning the flips that needed to be won, and I was like this is my tournament! When we were down to the final four players, in one hand, I had the nuts on the turn and another player bluffed into me, which put me into the chip lead. Winning from there was easy because the others were really short-stacked.”

With bounties included, Isaura walked away with $2,310, a significant return on a $5.50 investment. It also represents her largest online score. Does Isuara have any plans for her prize money?

“I screamed with happiness after I won, hahahahaha. In fact, I was screaming the entire Day 2 because in turbo PKOs each flip is important. My plans for the money are nothing too exciting; I have been having technical issues and need to buy a new laptop or PC.”

Hard Work Pays Off

Along with putting in hard work at the tables and studying away from them, Isaura credits staking and training site BBZ with her rise through the poker ranks. You may recall that former Team PartyPoker member Jordan Drummond is the founder of BBZ.

“I am staked by BBZ poker and it has helped me a lot. I’m improving my game constantly with their reviews and discussing tough spots with the team. Their seminars have helped me learn a lot not only about the technical aspects of poker but the mental side of the game, too.”

Isaura is a proud PartyPoker champion and would love for other women to follow in her footsteps. What advice does our champion have for women who want to play poker?

“I say go for it. Anything you want to do in life you should do it. E’ve been told for so many years what to do; it’s now time to listen to yourself and follow your passions. This game is all about discipline and consistency, and anyone who puts in the time and effort can win in the long term. It’s hard sometimes, mostly when you’re not winning, and there are downswings and bad beats, so you need to stay strong in your mindset and keep going. The results will always come.”

Before Isuara got back to enjoying life to the fullest, she left with these parting thoughts.

“I really love that this score is my biggest one yet and it on PartyPoker because this is where it all started. When I look at my graph, it is a beautiful feeling because you can see the organic growth, and notice all the effort and time invested. If you want any help on your path, want some tips, and simply want to follow my journey in life and poker, you can follow me on Instagram at @isaurabe4 and @isaura_poker.”


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