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Players at partypoker will, from March 25th, be able to compete in new satellites that award “DTD£££” instead of the more traditional prize of tournament seats, giving you more flexibility when it comes to choosing which live poker tournaments you want to play.

When you win some DTD£££, the GBP currency is assed to your Dusk Till Dawn account and it can be used as payment or part payment for any Dusk Till Dawn tournament, including the purchase of any re-entries.

These new DTD£££ Satellites are the first satellite tournaments at partypoker with the buy-ins set in GBP. Satellites and tournaments at partypoker usually have their buy-ins set to USD. A new wave of satellites will become available soon that have buy-ins in Canadian Dollars, Euros, Rubles and other currencies.

DTD£££ satellites rn every day from March 25th and give you the opportunity to win between £250 and £1,000 in DTD£££. Any DTD£££ won via these satellites expire after 12-months, which is ample time to spend them on some of the exciting live tournaments held at Dusk Till Dawn.

PennyRolls start as low as £0.10 while Feeders run at 7:00 p.m. GMT every day costing between £5.50 and £22. The Daily 9:00 p.m. GMT DTD Pounds Sat finals cost between £27.50 and £109 to enter, if you don’t win your way in via a PennyRoll and Feeder, and award between £250 and £1,000 in DTD£££. You can buy into each day’s satellites at any of the three buy-in levels.

DTD£££ Launch Schedule

Day PennyRolls 7PM Feeder 9pm DTD Pounds Sat
Monday £0.10 (£0.50 rebuy) £5+£0.50 £25+£2.50 – 10 x £250 GTD
Tuesday £0.25 (£1 rebuy) £10+£1 £50+£5 – 10 x £500 GTD
Wednesday £0.10 (£0.50 rebuy) £5+£0.50 £25+£2.50 – 10 x £250 GTD
Thursday £0.25 (£1 rebuy) £10+£1 £50+£5 – 10 x £500 GTD
Friday £0.10 (£0.50 rebuy) £5+£0.50 £25+£2.50 – 10 x £250 GTD
Saturday £0.25 (£1 rebuy) £10+£1 £50+£5 – 10 x £500 GTD
Sunday £0.50 (£2 rebuy) £20+£2 £100+£9 – 10 x £1,000 GTD

PPL$$$ Coming Soon

Those of you who would love to play on the partypoker LIVE tour will also be able to get involved in satellites similar to the DTD£££. The PPL$$$ satellites will become available shortly after the MILLIONS Grand Final Barcelona festival and will give you the chance to win up to $10,000 in partypoker LIVE $$$, usable in global poker tournaments for buy-ins, travel and hotel expenses.

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