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The partypoker Twitch channel continues to go from strength-to-strength and we are rapidly marching towards having 10,000 members. One of the reasons the channel is becoming so popular is the superb streamers that fly the partypoker flag with passion.

Adam “ITSPAYDAY” Neal is one of those streamers who is a regular on the partypoker Twitch channel. Adam is 28-years-young, was raised on the Isle of Sheppey down in Kent but now lives in Milton Keynes with his wife-to-be Charley and, as he describes him, “my little homeboy”, Oreo; Oreo is a cat in case you were wondering.

After first getting into poker by playing cards over a few beers with friends, Adam realised he was a consistent winner so decided to delve into online freerolls and the local £5 rebuy tournament at Luton casino. It is tournaments that Adam still prefers to this day.

“I maybe play one cash session a month at a local room where I can make a good profit over a five hour session but I love MTT’s. I see it as a war and I want to be the last one standing!”

Tournaments have been kind to Adam in terms of big wins. Adam turned $110 into $16,200 at the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas, which is his largest win of his career. Online, Adam has a $10,000 score and even managed to win $7,200 while streaming on Twitch.

“I’m looking forward to more big wins while streaming, the buzz is incredible.”

While his attitude may makes things look easy for Adam, playing poker looking how he does can have its problems, as can streaming his play for all to see.

Adam Neal

“It may sound weird to some but I suffer with an image that is automatically created of me when sitting at the table. I’m 6ft 4in and a fairly big dude; it builds an image of me without me even having to play a hand!”

“For example, sit at a table and see a 70-year-old old woman sitting there all innocent and quiet, you may automatically build an image of this sweet little old lady who will just play premium hands, but I think the appearance of someone can really affect people’s perception of how they play.”

“A challenge I have as a streamer is showing my tendencies and sizings to everyone watching, anyone could be watching! I’m 100% certain there are plays/lines that I took when I first started streaming that I just cannot do now! I’ve tried to adapt though.”

Adam may be flying the partypoker flag while streaming on Twitch, but he is still delighted with the way that partypoker continues to make positive changes to its software and to the games it spreads. Adam managed to win a $10,000 Caribbean Poker Party package from a small feeder satellite and urges everyone else to attempt doing the same.

The partypoker LIVE events are so promising for poker. It really excites me for the poker world.”

Another thing that Adam is looking forward to is the $5 million guaranteed Monster Series, which he thinks “will bring in new players across the network.” Adam will be playing the majority of the series and hopes to be fighting it out for the big prizes.

According to Adam, poker is a beautiful game, but one that if you are new to it, you need to decide early on what you want from playing poker.

“This isn’t easy, when you get into the game, ask yourself what you want out of it? Do you want to win a ton of money? Do you want to play as a hobby to pass time and hopefully get a score now and again? If you want to be a profitable player, be aware you will need to put the work in as well as the volume.”

Adam Neal

Adam already has his goals for the remainder of 2017 set out and is planning on achieving them.

“I’ve had a really tough year on the grind. Last year was so successful for myself and then this year it has been extremely tough to find consistent profit. I know it will change and I feel it starting to change so my main goal is to keep focused and dedicated.”

“My main poker goal is to be a partypoker online pro/team pro. If that is an opportunity that I can be a part of then It would be a very proud moment for me.”

“See you all at the partypoker tables!you will need to put the work in as well as the volume”

Watch Adam play at partypoker via our Twitch channel, and stay tuned to the partypoker blog for more interviews with our beloved streamers.

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  1. I often watch Adam play on the twitch stream, personally I have learnt a lot from him free of charge, this sort of knowledge usually costs a fortune per hour, but Adam does it free off charge on the twitch stream on party poker, talking through his main hands and bet sizing. The bonus is his emotion he shows on the stream, very entertaining and sometimes when running deep nail biting stuff. If you want to improve your game I highly recommend you tune in on Thursdays and give his own channel a follow IT5PAYDAY. Thank you Adam for the hours you put in as well as working full time.

  2. Genuine nice guy, and deserves some of the spoils. Always entertaining when I watch his streams. Keep up the great work fella.

  3. Deborah Vanneste on

    Love love love Adams streams, very entertaining, really nice guy, great poker brain and knowledge. Always look forward to when he is streaming <3