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PartyPoker qualifying trio make poker debut at the WSOP.

PartyPoker player tehh_pwnerex just secured himself a package for this year’s WSOP. “I took the route of being patient for the most part” he says. “The key moment was when I got lucky and managed to win one of my final pots when I had the worst hand.”

Well, you can’t win a big tournament without winning a few coinflips!

The WSOP experience will be extra special for tehh_pwnerex because it’s his first ever live poker event. “I haven’t played any major events yet. So far I’m online-only. One of my friends told me about and told me it was one of the best sites to play on.”

Tehh_pwnerex tells us he has two hopes for his WSOP trip:

  1. To meet Phil Ivey (“He’s the best in the game”)
  2. Run good.

All my attention was on the game

PartyPoker player Nik_Red also qualified for the WSOP on PartyPoker. He won his package during a business trip. “All my attention was on the game” he admits.

Nik_Red has been playing poker since November 2009, and the WSOP Main Event will be his first live tournament. “I’ve never played offline before” reveals Nik_Red. Wow – what a debut!

Nik_Red is looking forward to meeting poker pros at the WSOP. “I would like to meet Daniel Negreanu and also Allen Cunningham, but I wouldn’t like to play with them. You are probably understand me.”

Nik_Red’s poker advice: “If you would like to become a hero get ready to die for it.”

Talk about dodging bullets!

Thanks to success in an $80 satellite

PartyPoker player Kingy187 will arrive at the WSOP thanks to success in an $80 satellite. “It went well, until the final table” he says. “I lost a 60 / 40 hand and was down to 4-5 big blinds. But I came back after winning two coin-flips with 22 and 55, and then had some chips to go to work.”

Kingy187 began playing PartyPoker 4 years ago at NL $10. “I like Party because of the software and constantly having new ideas with promotions. I also like the fact that they got some games running at $10/$20 and $25/$50 NLHE. It’s my site of choice nowadays”


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