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Ivan “Miler1” hails from a small Ukrainian town called Gaisin. Ivan is an auto mechanic by day but loves nothing more than grinding poker online at partypoker by night.

The Legend of the Week promotion continues to be popular with grinders from all over the world. Just look at the prizes won by Ivan just for playing in his favourite $22 buy-in Daily Legends tournaments.

  • The Tuesday 500 ticket ($530)
  • The Thursday 500 ticket ($530)
  • 3x $150 Daily Legends tickets

Ivan navigated his way to a third-place finish at the beginning of his leaderboard-winning week, but only became aware of the Legend of the Week promotion the following day. He tuned into the Twitch stream of Andrei “babyshark” Kozlenko. By pure chance, Ivan heard “babyshark” talking about the promotion, and decided to get his grind on.

“I learned about the leaderboards on the stream and played in The Predator and The Clasico every day. There were five or seven deep runs, which turned out to be enough to secure first place. The week was full of good emotions and a great result!”

$1,510 Worth of Daily Legends Tickets

Winning Leaderboard 4 granted Ivan $1,510 worth of Daily Legends tickets, tickets he plans to put to good use.

“I love this promotion, it gives players the chance to win awesome prizes. I hope I can get to a final table in one of the expensive tournaments that I can now play because of this promotion.”

We put a lot of work into the Daily Legends tournaments, making them as fair and equal for everyone as possible, and devising a structure that allows them to finish at a reasonable time without compromising the average stack size. Which Daily Legend tournament does Ivan like the most?

“All of them! They have big guarantees, smooth structures, and a good opportunity to qualify for them through satellites.”

Become the Next Legend of the Week

The Legend of the Week promotion runs Monday through Saturday and sees $60,000 worth of tournament tickets given away to the best performing Daily Legends players.

Earn points for the five leaderboards by playing in the Daily Legends tournaments in the table below:

Leaderboard Buy-in Tournaments
1 $2.20 The Double Jab & The Deuce
2 $5.50 The Headhunter & The Five Diamond
3 $11 The Terminator & The Ocean’s
4 $22 The Predator & The Clasico
5 $55 The Gladiator & The Masters

Plug your tournament’s numbers into the formula below to see how many points you will earn from the Daily Legends events.

10 * [√n/√rank]
n = number of players in the tournament

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