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I am out of the Sunday Bike Ride for a while as I am in the US focusing on poker at the WPT World Championship 25k and working out in the gym every day – don’t worry your time will come my friends. There are nine million bicycles in Beijing and even more in my lock up!

@TonyGuoga @WorldPokerTour #wptchamp has 78,600 and am looking forward to day three at the Bellagio. I am feeling good and ready to make a big move in this event.

As you will have noticed from those sentences I continue to embrace Twitter freely and speak my mind on issues – criticize me if you want but I speak from the heart, sometimes I get it right, sometimes I get it wrong.

The poker world is such a mad place at the moment. I think it is best to say something rather than nothing about how I feel or hear things are going to be.

I killed them in the 2k/4k game at the Wynn over the last week. I am looking for more blood so anyone who feels they are up to the challenge can ping me on my twitter or leave a message and I will decide if they are qualified to play heads up. By the way, if you are a good cool guy or even cool girl I could agree to play at lower stakes.

I hand pick my opponents to be worthy of my time nits are strictly forbidden to even be near me or the Wynn but if you are a genuine stand up girl or guy and want real heart and action from the G please get in touch. I am open minded and accommodating.

Quite a few of you back in Europe commented on Lithuania’s entry into the Eurovision Song Contest. The tagline to the whole contest was ‘Feel Your Heart Beat,’ lol. Will I fund an entry for Lithuania or even take part myself next year? I am thinking about it.

Maybe my kind sponsors will be willing to finance the Lithuanian entry with payment on condition of making the final? Maybe poker’s Justin Bieber or poker’s real Justin Bieber could get involved…

Then again maybe I am shooting from the hip too much and should get some sleep. I can be a twit at times. x


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