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Tony G environmentalist

I am now in Vegas and have checked in to the wonderful M Resort Spa and Casino, getting ready for the Premier League. I am feeling really good about my game at the moment, relaxed, confident and up for the fight.

Before I got to Vegas I spent time acclimatising to US time in the surroundings of the luxurious Beverley Hills Hotel. As I looked out my window I could see many big stars milling around the area, many of whom happened to be on bikes!

Before a big tournament I like to spend time relaxing and making sure I get myself completely in the mood. I’m no Andy Black and will not start Buddhist meditating but I seriously work on my state of mind. You know when the likes of Mayweather and Hatton go to the mountains for altitude training – the G does the same but he just spas, flies Qantas first class and tries not to get too angry about there being no internet on the flight.

A bit of a grievance with my wonderful new sponsors at PartyPoker

Talking of being angry, I have a bit of a grievance with my wonderful new sponsors at During the Aussie Millions they laid on a personal concierge for me in the form of the delightful Jessie. She got on my bike with me, checked the sports results and brought me my favourite chocolate. This was a requirement in my personal player contract, they laughed – I said I was serious – they delivered.

Jessie was all set for Vegas – she was very excited and had no qualms at all about leaving her professional Aussie Rules player boyfriend for the bike ride of her life with the G. Then what happened, NO JESSIE for Vegas. One wag at even said it was because there was already one Jesse out there in the form of Jessie May! They said they would source me a concierge locally, after all – the tournament is in Las Vegas. What was the point in flying out the concierge from Australia to Vegas?

I am an environmentalist not a gas guzzler

THAT IS THE POINT. Jessie is my personal concierge. Anyway, I’m a little worried now about what kind of service I am going to get in Vegas as there was also murmurings about the likes of Hellmuth getting distraught if I had a personal concierge and they didn’t.

My response, Hellmuth always has to have a limo – I come in on my bike. I am environmentalist not a gas guzzler. I have more chance of saving the world than the poker brat. The emissions that come from his mouth are much more toxic to the ozone layer than mine.

Talking of the bike, I have got it ready to roll. I also have a trike with Full Flush‘s name on it. I intend to be the tour de force of the Premier League and I have the yellow jersey ready for the points leader and table captain.

Only around 48 hours to go now to the main event. In the meantime good luck to the 16 online qualifiers competing for a spot – it is the opportunity of a lifetime. Also, good luck to all the Team Party guys…

May the force be with you. Feel the power baby.



  1. Tony, why are you pushing Mike Sexton on your own bike? You are in the same team now ;) Besides, Mike Sexton deserves a better ride as Ambassador of Poker :)

    • Tony,

      Not that it’s likely you read the myriad comments left here for you, but, on the off chance you do, why not invest some of your poker millions in an astoundingly good psychiatrist to see if one tiny chip of the mountain of narcissism that infects and perfuses you could be eradicated?


      Oh, as a coda, just as the well and correctly abjured Hellmuth, you actually have a rather fragile ego, that is annoying in its manifestations. But you certainly do have more money than I, or most people.

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  3. what kind of a pussy are you? demanding a concierge in the first place is pretty f’ing lame, and then bitching about the details of it here…i mean, wow, what an awful, miserable person you are. what are you doing for this world? playing cards and whining about your concierge? have you ever considered applying your energy to something substantial, useful, fulfilling? seriously, you’re just going to play your little card game and carry on about the servants? have you ever considered the idea that you’re totally insane and wasting your life?