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For those sick to death of the World Cup, yesterday (30 June) was a welcome break with a day of absolutely no matches, the first since the start of the tournament way back on 11 June. For those celebrating – and to help those facing the prospect of no ‘beautiful game’ until the weekend – we organised another round of our exciting Facebook Fan Cup.

Last night’s event featured a heads up format which lead to some intriguing play from the 59 players brave enough to go one on one with their opponents. With payouts going to just the top eight players, the action was intense to say the least and it wasn’t until almost two and a quarter hours into the tournament when we got our bubble boy. milkdiogo2 took the unwanted slot in such an unfortunate fashion; his  ever so slightly but fatally dominated by Kurtsan’s .

To keep those football fans happy

To add extra spice to the prize pool, and to keep those football fans happy, we also decided to add a £50 football shirt voucher as a further reward for the top five positions. A cheeky James Tiltman posted on the Facebook wall: “Hope it ain’t an England shirt. Heard that charities have barred them now!” Cheeky.

hodmeister20 missed out on the shirt, finishing in sixth despite holding . He lost out to TheCourier1’s pocket 8s () which turned into trips on the flop () and then a full house with a  on the turn. Sorry, hodmeister20, you really did have the shirt taken off your back.

When the tournament finally came to a climax TheCourier1 again featured and faced HOOPMAN15. This time, TheCourier1 held  while HOOPMAN15 was looking at . The flop () produced a straight draw for TheCourier1 which he must have had a feeling about as he then pushed all-in.

TheCourier1’s shot was wide of the mark

Unfortunately, TheCourier1’s shot was wide of the mark. His opponent followed him in and with the last cards turning up  and  the win was HOOPMAN15’s with two pairs. They thought it was all over and it was after three and half hours of enthralling heads up competition.

Magnanimous in defeat, TheCourier1 (aka Ian Smith) said afterwards: “Good game, guys. Overbluffed at last table so second place for me. Congrats to the winner, well deserved.”

If you’re not a fan of the Facebook page, join now as it’s being part of this community where you’ll receive special announcements and invites to exclusive tournaments.

See you at the tables soon.

Facebook Fan Cup Heads Up top 10 payouts

  1. HOOPMAN15 $103.28 plus £50 football shirt voucher
  2. TheCourier1 $59 plus £50 football shirt voucher
  3. Do_03 $29.50 plus £50 football shirt voucher
  4. galtyuk $29.50 plus £50 football shirt voucher
  5. justjulie11 $18.43 plus £50 football shirt voucher
  6. hodmeister20 $18.43
  7. Kurtsan $18.43
  8. Thamos85 $18.43

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