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The World Cup in South Africa is heating up! PartyPoker is giving you the chance to celebrate with an invitation-only knockout poker tournament.

Here’s your chance to play heads-up poker and become the champion of the PartyPoker Facebook Page.

Every table is heads-up

In this tournament, every table is heads-up. You can focus everything on busting opponent after opponent in this knockout tournament. In addition to the regular tournament prize pool we have 5 football shirt vouchers lined up for the top 5 finishers.

Heads-up is the purest form of poker. Outsmart a single opponent and you win! Join 256 players who’ll be squaring off on June 30 at 22:00 GMT in a private $5 + $1 tournament.

Naming the champion of PartyPoker’s Facebook Page

We’ll test a new way to distribute tournament passwords. If you already “Like” our Facebook page, you’ll see the password at the top of few hours before the tournament start. Make sure you’ve clicked Like on our Facebook Page to see the password.

Unfortunately we don’t have room for everybody, so you’ll need to be fast. Seats are limited to 256, and once they’re gone, they’re gone, so be sure to register as soon as you get the password.

Remember, we’ll be naming the top player the champion of PartyPoker’s Facebook Page. So click Like on PartyPoker’s Facebook Page and prepare to kick-off your heads-up glory.


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