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By Jon Barrett

They say names can influence your personality, and that seemed to be the case in our latest $300k Guaranteed Sunday tournament. After scooping the top prize, player jackrich000 was not just rich by name but also $51,664 richer by nature.

To get in the big money, jackrich000 took on 1,145 other players for seven and a half hours of nail-biting poker action. Well done to all who took part, and here are the top ten finishers:

1. jackrich000, $51,664.12
2. thorburn87, $47,335.89
3. funkey12345, $21,750.00
4. plzsosick, $17,250.00
5. canolieater, $14,250.00
6. Fla80, $11,250.00
7. Idrigel, $8,550.00
8. topdown4444, $5,700.00
9. Downdude_, $4,350.00
10. BarianWhite, $3,000.00

If you fancy taking part in the $300K Guaranteed Sunday, why not enter the qualifying process right now. Buy-ins for the qualifiers start at only $3 – or you could buy-in directly for $215.

Read the $300K Guaranteed Sunday page for more details.


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