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Season 7 of The Big Game is on it’s way. Over the last couple of days we already told you about some of the players at the table. Here’s two additions to that list: Scott Baumstein and Faraz Jaka.

First one to put his money on the table was Alec Torelli, eager to get the game starting. Others took their time to sit down, Tony G even went for lunch. With 12 consecutive hours of poker ahead of us, I guess there’s no need to rush things.

Let’s Hear Alec Torelli

Kara Scott took the opportunity to interview Alec Torelli at the bar. It will take some time to edit, but sooner or later you’ll find it here on the blog.

Blinds €25/€50

Blinds start at €25/€50 and after three hours the first player has to leave the table. Blinds are probably going to chance, usually those Big Game contestants like to play for a little more.
First blood goes to Scott Baumstein. He raises under the gun and gets everyone to fold their hand.

Players can be voted off the table. You can influence that vote by looking at this Big Game’s Live Stream. At the bottom of the page you’ll see the possibility to vote for your favourite player.

Upcoming Events

We’re still a few months away from the worlds biggest poker event. PartyPoker is already preparing for the 2013 WSOP in Las Vegas. Take your chance and grab one of the $14,000 packages. You can even get them for free via one of our daily freerolls.


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