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Up till now there wasn’t much action at the table. No clashes of big hands and players are not getting too much out of line (yet). We didn’t even see any straddles.

There was some argument at the table about what rules to add to the game. One addition the players agreed upon was to look at the winners hole cards (regardless if there is a showdown or not). That could bring some crazy action to the table. While we might see less calls for information, it could result into crazy bluffs, 3- and 4-bets, just to build some reputation.

The Seven-Deuce rule is in play as well. Whoever manages to win a hand holding Seven-Deuce (regardless how the hand is won), he gets an extra €100 from everyone at the table. But: here they’re playing the Seven-Deuce-Offsuit Game. Meaning that if the cards are suited, there’s no extra money.

Here’s who’s sitting at the table for the start of this Big Game VII:

Seat 1: Faraz Jaka
Seat 3: Adrian Balaguer
Seat 4: Scott Baumstein
Seat 5: Toby Lewis
Seat 6: Raul Mestre
Seat 7: Alec Torelli

The minimum buy-in for this Big Game is €5,000. Alec Torelli brought the biggest stack to the table with €20,000.


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