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The $100,000 guaranteed McLaren Turbo Series Main Event is the tournament every PartyPoker player wants to win, but only one of them can achieve that goal. Nineteen flights remain, and they take place between August 21-28, before the tournament concludes on August 28. Do not miss out on the chance to become a PartyPoker champion.

Some 1,179 PartyPoker players have exchanged $33 for 100,000 chips and the opportunity to play in this remarkable event. Of those starters, only 173 have progressed to Day 2, each having done so with a min-cash in tow, with most of those navigating their way through to Day 2 having accumulated some bounty payments.

Team PartyPoker’s Jaime “jaimestaples” Staples and his brother Matt “MatthewStaples” Staples are safely through, and are carrying the famous orange diamond with prize. Jaime finds himself in 60th place with 769,243 chips; he has already amassed $60 worth of bounties.

Matthew has fared better. His 1,339,037 chips place him 15th right now, while his $53.44 worth of scalps mean he is now freerolling his way to one of the tournament’s biggest payouts.

Should you be thinking of entering one of the remaining McLaren Turbo Series Main Event flights, you will need to turn your 100,000 starting stack into more than 1,457,905 to find yourself in the current top ten. That stack size is in the possession of “derkalle.”

Of course, you will have your eye on the chip lead. That honour currently belongs to “henriquerodd” who is armed with 1,882,704 chips, and has bagged up $77.81 from the bounty prize pool.

Three others finished with more than 1.8 million chips. “Gummer6666” (1,844,043), “MagicPalace1993” (1,822,755), and “dust2_killer” (1,809,459) are that trio of deep-stacked grinders.

McLaren Turbo Series Main Event Top 10 Chip Counts

Place Player Bountie Chips
1 henriquerodd $77.81 1,882,704
2 Gummer6666 $60 1,844,043
3 MagicPalace1993 $88.12 1,822,755
4 dust2_killer $79.22 1,809,459
5 BornWShortstack $96.56 1,757,930
6 Royal Flush $31.87 1,612,945
7 RiverParty $81.56 1,574,904
8 Tescovalue $82.50 1,472,880
9 petr568 $76.87 1,470,730
10 derkalle $43.12 1,457,905

“shocker777” Claims Mini Main Event Chip Lead

It is not only the $33 buy-in $100,000 guaranteed McLaren Turbo Series Main Event that is marching towards a thrilling finale, but the Mini Main Event, too. The Mini Main Event costs $5.50 to enter yet features an impressive $20,000 guarantee on its prize pool.

So far, 2,038 of your fellow PartyPoker players have bough in, meaning more than half of the guaranteed amount has been collected. Everything points towards this even smashing that $20,000 guarantee.

“shocker777” is the player to catch before Day 2 shuffles up and deals at 21:05 BST on August 28. The chip leader is armed with 2,392,474 chips, and had almost doubled their initial investment in bounties, having collected $10.61 of them.

Two other players are hot on the leader’s heels. “CeciD” currently occupies second place with 2,188,013 chips and $14.37 in bounty payments, while “leaffan” returns on Day 2 with 2,118,683 chips and $8.44 worth of bounties in their PartyPoker account.

McLaren Turbo Series Mini Main Event Top 10 Chip Counts

Place Player Bountie Chips
1 shocker777 $10.61 2,392,474
2 CeciD $14.37 2,188,013
3 leaffan $8.44 2,118,683
4 Bings13 $9.38 1,912,410
5 MrG27 $14.99 1,907,810
6 Plummz $20.60 1,824,485
7 StrandedFish30 $11.56 1,762,028
8 DonkyElephant $13.12 1,751,554
9 The Plough $8.11 1,719,351
10 Warzenwilli $11.25 1,709,718

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