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With just days to go until the start of the Premier League in London, Phil Hellmuth shares his thoughts on the field fighting over a $1 million prize pool. All poker odds supplied by

6/1 Tony G (AUS)
Tony G has a heart of gold, but he is misunderstood because of his table talk. He is a very entertaining player to play with and watch on television.

13/2 Juha Helppi (FIN)
Helppi is a tough young gun, but he plays too many weak hands. Last year he called a raise with 8-7 off suit and beat my K-K to take me out of the Premier League final. I think that he’ll try the same thing in 2008, and I’ll show him the same hand.


Devilfish looks unimpressed with Hellmuth’s tips

7/1 Devilfish (ENG)
I’m looking forward the most to playing against the Devilfish. I respect him and his style of play very much, but I will put a stop to his super aggressive play when he is at my table!

7/1 Phil Hellmuth (USA)
What can I say? I come over there all the way from California for one reason: to win. Anything less than that is a failure, period.

10/1 Roland de Wolfe (ENG)
Last year Roland simply played way too fast, forgetting that all of us could watch his hole cards in the green room. It will be interesting to see his tactics this year.

10/1 Ian Frazer (ENG)
I really like Ian Frazer and he has a solid game. I like playing with him because he is a pleasant sort of fellow.

10/1 Alexander Kravchenko (RUS)
I don’t know much about the Russian except that he performed well at the WSOP in 2007.

10/1 Annie Duke (USA)
What can I say about Annie? In the “Tournament of Champions” she beat me to win it whilst I finished second, and in our new reality show “Best Damn Poker Show” out Feb 6th, she screamed at me…I did scream back though!

12/1 Marcel Luske (HOL)
Marcel will be the most aggressive player in the Premier League by far, but that style doesn’t work too well as Devilfish and Roland proved last year. Will he be able to make the right adjustments?

12/1 Andy Black (IRE)
Andy is dangerous when he’s on and when he’s on he seems to know when people are weak and when they’re strong.

15/1 Eddy Scharf (GER)
Eddy played incredibly patiently throughout the whole Premier League and I respect that, but I’m surprised that the other players gave him any action when he did play some hands.

15/1 Vicky Coren (ENG)
Vicky’s game has just gotten better and better over the years.

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  1. Glad to see Phil Hellmuth’s comments on Party Poker. Gives me a whole new respect for this person as a professional player.