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Another week and another $200K Guaranteed Sunday is in the bag and what a superb tournament it was. Each of the 944 entrants enjoyed a substantial overlay on the $200,000 prize pool, making this week’s event one of the best value Sunday Majors found anywhere on the internet.

Usually, the final table is a nine-handed affair, but this week it started with only eight players in the hunt for glory because Charlie “chazcombes” Combes and and sk2ll_m0dR busted during the hand-for-hand section to the final table one player shy of standard.

$200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table (November 9, 2014)

Place Player Chips
1 GoodBaIance 595,987
2 Don8ToPonyFund 1,067,067
3 JJanssen1960 325,490
4 MaxBishop 679,913
5 BigJimDwyer 542,559
6 AKQJss 375,625
7 LebleuPetit 681,415
8 empty empty
9 fellatiado 451,944

It took 36 hands of play before the first official casulaty of the final table occurred. AKQJss was down to 94,316 chips at the 10,000/20,000/2,000a level when he raised to 80,000 from the cutoff. Fellatiado called in the small blind and then set his sole opponent all-in on the flop and was called.

AKQJss showed and was way behind the of fellatiado. The turn and river completed the board and sent AKQJss to the rail in eighth place.

Eleven hands later and LebleuPetit busted at the hands of JJanssen1960. LebleuPetit moved all-in for 245,574 from late position with and JJanssen1960 looked him up from the small blind with . A final board reading kept the aces ahead and busted LebleuPetit.

Another 32 hands passed by without an exit, despite numerous showdowns and all-ins. The lull in eliminations ended when Jjanssen1960 min-raised to 50,000 from the cutoff and then called when BigJimDwyerthree-bet all-in for 165,681 from the small blind.

It was of BigJimDwyer versus the of JJanssen1960 and what happened next was cruel to the former. First, the flop propelled JJanssen1960 in front, only for the turn to flip the hand the opposite way. Them the river came the to improve JJanssen1960 to a full house and leave BigJimDwyer scratching his head wondering what had happened!

Five-handed play lasted 16 hands and ended with the exit of Don8ToPonyFund in a massive pot.

Don8ToPonyFund min-raised to 60,000 from the cutoff and then called when fellatiado jammed all-in from the big blind for 968,369 in total. Don8ToPonyFund was behind with his because fellatiado held . The flop was safe for the pocket sevens, as was the turn and river, busting Don8ToPonyFund in fifth place and leaving the remaining four players with a guaranteed $12,800 to show for their efforts.

MaxBishop became the fourth place finisher when he ran into a much stronger hand held by JJanssen1960. From under the gun, MaxBishop moved all-in for 366,252 at the 20,000/40,000/4,000a level with what turned out to be and JJanssen1960 quickly called in the big blind with . The board was vid of drama and MaxBishop crashed out.

It took 96 more hands before heads-up was set, which happened when fellatiado three-bet all-in for 739,645 from the big blind after GoodBaIance raised to 120,000 from the button. GoodBaIance called, showed and was way ahead of his opponent’s . Neither player improved on the board and fellatiado busted in third place.

The tournament was over one hand later when GoodBaIance and JJanssen1960 pted to split the remaining prize pool and end the competition. GoodBaIance walked away with $29,040.13 and JJanssen1960 $26,909.88 based on their chip counts, making it a profitable Sunday for both!

$200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results (November 9, 2014)

Place Player Prize
1 GoodBaIance $29,040.13*
2 JJanssen1960 $26,909.88*
3 fellatiado $16,400.00
4 MaxBishop $12,800.00
5 Don8ToPonyFund $10,360.00
6 BigJimDwyer $8,360.00
7 LebleuPetit $6,360.00
8 AKQJss $4,400.00
9 sk2ll_m0dR $3,380.00

*reflects a heads-up chop

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