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We recently launched our new tournament schedule and are celebrating with 15 days of incredible tournament value in what we’re calling the $500K Tournament Special.

Taking place between December 14-28th, the $500K Tournament Special consists of a trio of $100,000 freerolls, leaderboards and some special tournaments.

$500K Tournament Special: Three $100,000 Freerolls

The bulk of the $500K Tournament Special promotion is made up from a trio of freerolls, each with $100,000 worth of tournament dollars as a prize pool. You have the chance to play in The Opener, The Bridger, and The Closer.

Each has a deep payout structure, giving more of you chances to get your hands on some tournament dollars that you can then use to play in any of our tournaments.

Date Time (CET) Freeroll Entry requirements
Sat 14 Dec 21:00 The Opener Open to all!
Sat 21 Dec 21:00 The Bridger Play $5 or more worth of MTTs from Dec. 14-21
Mon 28 Dec 21:00 The Closer Play $10 or more worth of MTTs from Dec. 14-28

As you can see, it is super easy to play in all three $100,000 freerolls and give your bankroll a boost as 2019 draws to a close.

The Early Bird Catches The Worm

From Dec. 14-28 we’re picking one tournament from our new Daily Specials schedule to receive the Daily Early Bird treatment.

Buy into this tournament before the tournament shuffles up and deals to receive an entry to the Daily Early Bird Freeroll that takes place 30-minutes after the selected tournament.

These Early Bird freerolls give you more chances to win tournament dollars. Stay tuned to our Facebook pages, Twitter account, and the partypoker client for details on each day’s special tournament.

$50K to be Won in Our Blue Ribbon Leaderboards

We’re putting up $50,000 worth of tournament dollars to the best performing players in our Blue Ribbon Leaderboards. These leaderboards, which are split into High and Low buy-on levels, run every day throughout the $500K Tournament Special, meaning there are 30 leaderboards in total!

For the purpose of the promotion, playing in Gladiator tournaments up to $11 are counted towards the Low leaderboard. Gladiator tournaments with buy-ins of $11.01 or greater count towards the High leaderboard.

You’ll earn points based on the following formula: 10 * [√n/√rank] * [1+log (buy-in+0.25)]

Place High (T$) Low (T$)
1 $700 $300
2 $350 $150
3 $230 $100
4 $200 $80
5 $170 $70
6 $150 $60
7 $130 $50
8 $120 $40
9 $90 $35
10 $70 $25
11 $60 $20
12 $50 $15
13 $40 $12
14 $35 $10
15 $30 $8
16 $25 $7
17 $20 $6
18 $15 $5
19 $10 $4
20 $5 $3

Ready to join the party?

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