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William Diep on Day 2 of the WPT-National event here at Aspers

Day 2 is in the can, and with two dozen players remaining in the WPT-National UK Event here in Aspers Casino in Stratford, London, the 24 players will resume play at 3.00pm on Sunday to fight to the finish, and that elusive £27,500 top prize.

Day 2 was a superb day’s poker, with bust-outs, drama, tension and most of all fun as 260 players were reduced to just three tables of eight players by half past midnight.  With 40-minute blind levels instead of 30 minutes, there was more room for play than ever, but players seemed to want to race towards the conclusion.  Action was faster on Day 2 than on some of the earlier flights, and the run from 65 players remaining to the bubble at 55th-54th place lasted just ten frantic minutes.

We lost partypoker’s Kara Scott just before the bubble, but she outlasted so many other players, the face of partypoker wasn’t disappointed.  Every table she was on seemed to have the most fun and none more so than Kara.  Her late shove with just fourteen big blinds after experiencing earlier coolers was with but she ran into the big blind’s and lasted no longer.  Only one female remained at the close of play, the gutsy and gregarious Sandra Reid, who almost did for Chaz Chattha when she had Q-Q and he held J-J. Chattha made a superb fold on the river to save his tournament life, then went on a trademark rush to finish the day well clear of the average chips.

The lead changed hands frequently, with early pace-setter Onise Daneliya never far off it.  He was taken over by Vincent Meli, but Meli woould later run into trouble and his half-million stack expired before the witching hour.  Onise grabbed back the lead after hitting more aces than anyone could have predicted.  Three times in two orbits, he called it off with ace-high and got there, twice against the unfortunate Dave McConachie, who lost a huge pot with his kings unable to hold against Onise’s to bust shortly after.  Having won a day here at WPT National, Flight 3 with 157,100 chip, he won a consolation prize of a Sit n Go to play Mad Marvin Rettenmaier – an experience to treasure for anyone!

William Diep jumped over the million mark and sat behind a wall of chips, looking like he would cruise into the lead as the day closed.  But Daivid Gassian had other ideas.  Attacking relentlessly until the last hand, Gassian bagged up the most to head into the final with the biggest chip mountain:

Day 2 Chip-counts


Onise Daneliya on Day 2 of the WPT National event here in London

Daivid Gassian 1,182,000

Arvin Rajandran 909,000

Darren Mapley 905,000

Anh Will Diep 889,000

James Mitchell 843,000

Alexandros Tsiroudis 765,000

Phil Green 748,000

Laurence Houghton 721,000

Charles Chattha 674,000

Sandra Jaz Reid 657,000

James Finigan 576,000

Onise Daneliya 564,000

Florian Duta 534,000

Stuart Nash 524,000

Abdul Miah 517,000

Yilfer Sheveet 496,000

Rahim Tadj-Saadat 473,000

Andrew Badecker 468,000

Herve Decker 439,000

Gareth Holt 400,000

Steve Owens 365,000

Bobbie Brummitt 341,000

Thang Nguyen 330,000

Edijs Cergars 283,000

With Level 22 kicking off the 60-minute levels in the final at 3.00pm, blinds will be 12,000/24,000/ante 4,000

From the World Poker Tour themselves giving the ‘Bubble Boy’ Rod McDermott a free seat to WPT Newcastle for being so gracious after the bubble lasted an age and ten short stacks doubled before he busted, to the Aspers Poker Room management, we’ve enjoyed a fantastic weekend, and hope you have too.  Here are all the payouts so far from a superbly run event:

WPT-National London Pay-Outs


thumbs-up from Mats Rosen for the cash…but he goes no further.

25th Russell Jones £975.00
26th Jonathan Baylis £975.00
27th Parviz Siabi £975.00
28th Harprit Gurnam £850.00
29th Vincent Meli £850.00
30th Mats Rosén £850.00
31st Kenny King £850.00
32nd Ryan Kelly £850.00
33rd Soyinka Sotimehin £850.00
34th Tony Vu £850.00
35th Sean Lydon £850.00
36th Cristian Ciuperca £850.00
37th Vaclav Pomije £740.00
38th Lukasz Wierzchowski £740.00
39th Konstantinos Toulis £740.00
40th Timotheos Timotheou £740.00
41st Ross Mannion £740.00
42nd Sardar Jaffar Aziz £740.00
43rd Georgy Fournadjiev £740.00
44th Peteris Berzins £740.00


Sami Idris was one of several players to make the money on Day 2

45th Christopher Love £740.00
46th Kevin Neal £630.00
47th Sami Idris £630.00
48th Steven Mitchell £630.00
49th David Mcconachie £630.00
50th Hugo Lodge £630.00
51st Meenakshi Subraminiam £630.00
52nd Christian Middelboe £630.00
53rd Marc Mulgrave £630.00
54th Paul Romain £630.00


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