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With an amazing 229 entries, we got ever closer to finding out who the big stacks will be when Day 2 takes place tomorrow here at the Aspers Casino Poker Room in East London.  Stratford is the location for what has so far been a fantastic two days of poker, and with one final Day 1 flight to come this evening, it promises to be exciting stuff with tournament lives now on the line with no option of re-entry.


Michael Greco endured a torrid time at the end of the day after a great start.

With a 20,000 starting stack and opening blinds at a kind 50/100, play was well and truly live, with players such as Chaz Chattha, Kara Scott, Kevin Williams and Paul Romain all playing their second flight.  Others, including Michael Greco, both Boatman brothers and Joe Beevers were all starting from scratch, so needed to press for chips early.  that worked in spades for the actor & director Greco, who busted his friend JJ Hazan in Level 2 and never looked back, quickly becoming chip leader and crushing his table.  He would run his stack up to 68,000 before a final level pot that decimated all his hard work.  His A-A was all-in pre-flop against A-T and managed to be drawing dead by the turn after the first four cards came out 3-J-Q-K to give his opponent sue O’Connor an unassailable ‘Broadway’.

It wasn’t all bad luck for the faces that we saw on every table.  Both Chattha brothers enjoyed a profitable flight, with Chaz (73,000) adding to his Day 1 total to hop over the 100k mark overall.  Sunny bagged up 45,000, which after a blank first flight, was just what he needed to get back in the game.  Still they dropped, Gabriel Carter, Chuck Khuu, Jerome Bradpiece and Kevin Williams all needing to pull a final flight out of the bag.   But partypoker gal Kara Scott doubled her winnings from Flight 1 and now has an excellent 95,100 before Flight 3.  She was her usual effervescent self, albeit right at the back of the room, busting players and giving them a long walk back to the registration desk to get involved tonight.


Barny Boatman (above) busted, while Ross rolled along.  And then came the big stacks.  Robert Fowler powered through in his first attempt, grabbing 102,000 to leap up the leaderboard, a new threat to the Reza Fazelis of yesterday.  Sandra Reid bagged up six figures too, as did Mathieu Bragard.  But no-one got near Pablo Legarre, whose excellent chip-count of 126,200 put him top of Flight 2.

Full Flight 2 Chip-counts:

Pablo Legarre 126,200
Mathieu Bragard 113,700
Sandra Reid 107,800
Robert Fowler 102,400
Sean Lydon 99,200
Arturas Drepinas 98,800
Susan O’connor 98,400
Serge Wittenbeck 98,100
Catalin Azoitei 93,800
Sami Idris 90,000
Kenny King 86,600
Haresh Thaker 76,700
Robert Simons 76,300
Antony Simon 75,700
Vik Kanwar 74,800
Charles Chattha 73,000
Stuart Nash 70,100
Andrew Gillett 67,000
Jozsef Boka 66,600
Meenakshi Subraminiam 66,000
Jamal Gormati 65,300
Gary Miller 63,500
Kara Scott 61,800
Hugo Lodge 60,300
Lee West 56,300
Gareth Holt 55,800
Alexandru Obada 54,200
Richard Wheatley 54,100
Arvin Ravindran 53,100
Kevin Connor 52,900
Darren Mapley 51,200
Jonathan Baylis 50,700
Terence Mcgilly 50,400
Christian Middelboe 49,400
Arnel Casabar 48,900
Rahul Sinha 46,900
John Gudger 45,500
Ryan Kelly 45,000
Roshan Bijmohun 44,200
Danny Shine 44,000
Sunny Chattha 44,000
Timothy Dearing 43,500
David Gassian 43,000
Kevin Neal 42,100
Cristian Ciuperca 41,900
Benjamin Wey 40,300
Robert Barry 40,200
Michael Padmore 39,800
Oliver Kirschner 39,800
Philip Gould 38,800
Alexandros Tsiroudis 37,700
Danny Blair 37,400
Gabriel Carter 37,400
Stephen Dickson 37,400
Tony Collison 36,500
William Kassouf 36,100
Martin Desmond 36,000
Rana Adnan 36,000
Paul Romain 35,800
Jonathan Vincent Roux 35,400
Edijs Cergars 34,800
Kyle Wilson 34,400
Ali Sakallioglu 31,300
Richard Mcdonald 31,300
Bobbie Brummitt 30,100
Steven Owens 29,900
Terry Payne 29,000
David Tompkins 28,600
Gareth Smirthwaite 27,400
Erol Taylan 27,300
Andrey Dimitrov 26,600
Xavier Rouayroux 25,300
Philip Green 24,900
Pantelis Antoniou 24,600
Sundeep Sangany 24,200
Russell Jones 23,900
Giap Tran 23,700
Nicolas Barbani 23,600
Richard Hoadley 23,400
Cheng Moc 23,300
Zoltan Kovacs 23,200
Vadim Seriozeckin 22,800
Raymond Hemp 21,800
Dieter Aebi 21,100
James Finigan 21,100
Martynas Vitkauskas 21,100
Kuljinder Sidhu 20,400
Paul Russell 20,100
Robert Glen 19,500
Daniel Jones 18,300
Paul Danko 18,300
Leon Narinsakchai 15,500
Konrad Kucharczyk 15,100
Soyinka Sotimehin 14,600
Razvan-Vasile Stoea 14,300
Emyr Lewis 14,200
Boris Dolenc 13,700
Alex Van De Weyer 12,800
John Gilbert 12,200
David Anderson 11,400
Thien Nguyen 11,100
Christopher Gordon 11,000
Alan Dean 10,200
Adam Nicolae 10,000
Thomas Zhang 8,600

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