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Alexander “AA gudila KK” is the latest in what seems a never-ending line of Russian grinders who have won a Legend of the Week leaderboard. Alexander triumphed in Leaderboard 3 after hearing about the promotion from top poker streamer Andrey “Babyshark” Kozlenko.

Alexander’s reward for winning Leaderboard 3 was a $215 Warrior ticket, three $150 Daily Legends tokens, and a $320 The 300 entry. You have to admit that is a pretty cool prize just for playing, and excelling, in his favourite partypoker tournaments.

Who is our latest Legend of the Week?

“I live in a small town called Bezhetsk, in the Tver region. For 17.5 years, I worked at the Automotive Special Equipment Plan – ASO but I quit my job literally four months ago. I joined the ITC Foundation to study and develop my poker skills. I’ve been playing since 2012, more or less always at the micro-stakes.”

Alexander was so focussed on playing his best poker that he forgot all about the Legend of the Week promotion despite getting the week off to a superb start. He finished 10th in the $11 Terminator before winning it the next day. Those results helped push Alexander to the top of Leaderboard 3.

“The week was just like any other until I won the $11 Terminator. If I am not mistaken, I took 10th place in it the day before. As usually happens in my case, I forgot about the leaderboards and did not expect any tickets. The following week, I went into the tickets tab of my account and my jaw dropped!”

Firing Into The Juggernaut

Our winner did not waste any time in trying to put his tickets to good use, immediately registering for the $150 Juggernaut Daily Legends tournament. His first bullet did not go to plan and neither did his re-entry, resulting in Alexander rethinking his strategy.

“I’m going to sell some of my action in the remaining three tickets, and reduce the number of tournaments I play to a minimum so I can focus on the big buy-ins. Of course, you need to have a good rest, eat delicious food, and go into these tournaments in a good mood.”

Once Alexander has played these big buy-in Daily Legends events, you’ll find him back grinding his favourite two tournaments on the schedule, the $5.50 Headhunter and the $11 Terminator, trying to become a Legend of the Week for a second time.

Become a Legend of the Week

You too can become one of our Legends of the Week by playing in our Daily Legends tournaments. There are five leaderboards to try and climb, each one dedicated to two specific tournaments that have buy-ins from $2.20 up to $55.

Leaderboard Buy-in Tournaments
1 $2.20 The Double Jab & The Deuce
2 $5.50 The Headhunter & The Five Diamond
3 $11 The Terminator & The Ocean’s
4 $22 The Predator & The Clasico
5 $55 The Gladiator & The Masters

An incredible $60,000 worth of Daily Legend tickets are awarded every week. Click here to see what you can win from each leaderboard.

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