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$1K added value if Passport used for debut event, WPT Barcelona

Following the introduction of player Passports for partypoker LIVE MILLIONS events, partypoker LIVE is pleased to roll out a similar product for selected World Poker Tour® festivals.

Like the MILLIONS Passport, the WPT® Passport is a flexible satellite package that allows the holder to enter selected WPT Main Events listed on the partypoker LIVE website within 12 months of winning the WPT Passport.

Exclusive $55 daily phase 1 ‘WPT Passport’ satellites on partypoker will feed into weekly finals that run every Sunday. Sunday finals offer no direct buy-in option, meaning all $5,000 packages are designed to be won by players entering the $55 phase 1 satellites.

The WPT Passport will make its debut in Spain for WPT Barcelona, scheduled to take place from March 22, 2020 to April 5, 2020, and to celebrate the launch of the product, WPT Passport holders stand to receive a bonus $1,000 in added value on their passport if they opt to use it for this event.

For more info on the promotion see here.

Passport Favours Recreational and Amateur Players

John Duthie, President of partypoker LIVE, said: “Passport qualifiers for WPT events follow the same principles as those introduced for the MILLIONS tour. The flexible online qualification method favours recreational and amateur players. For example, there is no direct buy-in to the Sunday online finals – you have to satellite in. We’re also pleased to kick-off the WPT Passport with WPT Barcelona where there is a special promo that adds $1K in value.”

Following WPT Barcelona, WPT Passport holders can use their package for the following events in 2020:

  • WPT UK (£2.5 million guaranteed): September 25 – October 4
  • WPT Canada (CAD$3 million guaranteed): October 29 – November 8

Winners will receive USD $5,000 of value, covering buy-in and expenses.

Dates for 2021 events in Sochi, Russia and the Czech Republic will be confirmed at a later time.

Features of the WPT Passport:

    • Can be used to enter select events listed on WPT Passport pages of the partypoker LIVE webpage
    • Valid for 12 months
    • Holders receive at least $5,000 worth of value including buy-in and expense
    • Players can qualify via daily freerolls
    • Maximum satellite buy-in: $55 freezeout
    • Sunday finals offer no direct buy-in

Players may only use their WPT Passport to participate in festivals that are part of WPT’s main tour listed on the partypoker LIVE webpage and the passport cannot be used to enter sister tour events such as WPT DeepStacks, or any other tour events other than those listed.

Package expenses may be used to enter side events listed on main tour festivals other than Main Events if players wish. Any players who choose to do this will receive expenses paid back into their partypoker account only for the events they attend, and not before.

For more info see here.

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