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Chip Counts

The first 42 hands are in the book, antes have now kicked in, will this create more action? I don’t know but I do now the blinds are now 3,000 – 6,000 ante 1,000 and the players chip stacks are as below. The +/- figure in brackets is their profit/loss since the end of level one and the big blind figure is how many they have for the current level.

Talal Shakerchi – 439,000 (+142,000) 73 big blinds
Tobias Reinkemeier – 400,000 (+65,000) 67 big blinds
Jason Mercier – 348,000 (+13,000) 58 big blinds
Dan Shak – 331,000 (-10,000) 55 big blinds
Phil Laak – 303,000 (-7,000) 50 big blinds
Igor Kurganov – 234,000 (-93,000) 39 big blinds
Tony G – 205,000 (-39,000) 34 big blinds
Jennifer Tilly – 140,000 (-91,000) 23 big blinds

Good level for

Talal Shakerchi The Brit came out all guns blazing in heat one and paid for it when he finished seventh. He’s been a bit more conservative in the opening two levels of this heat, but has still managed to accumulate some chips and give himself a decent chance of going deep in this heat.

Tobias Reinkemeier The German ‘weatherman’ had a level full of blue skies and sunny periods and right now there are no grey clouds on the horizon. The forecast is currently predicting another bountiful points haul for Reinkemeier.

Bad level for

Jennifer Tilly For the second level on the bounce Tilly’s stack shrunk and she’s now getting into the danger zone. “It’s been sort of a dribble away,” said Jesse May. Whilst Toby Lewis added. “She’s not really won a pot. I think she should take advantage of her image more and three-bet more often.

Igor Kurganov The hand against Talal Shakerchi (see below) contributed to a level in which Kurganov lost almost 100,000 chips – a third of the starting stack. That pot aside he’s looked impressive but will need to turn it around if he’s to give himself a chance in this heat.

Hand of the level

From the cut-off Igor Kurganov raised to 9,000 with , from the button Talal Shakerchi re-raised to 21,000 with , “this is why I love Talal,” said Toby Lewis. Back on Kurganov he made the call. On the flop Kurganov checked, Shakerchi bet 31,000 into 48,000 and Kurganov made the call. “That’s how I expected the flop to go,” said Lewis.

The fell on the turn, once more Kurganov checked, again Shakerchi bet, this time 44,000 and after some contemplation Kurganov made the call. The hit the river, “this is just going to go check, check,” said Lewis, so it did and Shakerchi took the pot.

View from the booth

“She has gotten busy in the first two levels.” – Jesse May on Jennifer Tilly

“I predict he’s going to be the President of Lithuania in the next 20 years,” Jesse May on Tony G

“I think he might have to put the other letters of his surname in, President Tony G, might not go down too well.” – Toby Lewis on Tony G.

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