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Chip Counts

The first 21 hands have gone by, everyone started with 300,000 so who’s up and who’s down as the blinds tick up to 2,000 – 4,000?

Dan Shak – 341,000 (+41,000) 85 big blinds
Jason Mercier – 335,000 (+35,000) 84 big blinds
Tobias Reinkemeier – 335,000 (+35,000) 84 big blinds
Igor Kurganov – 327,000 (+27,000) 82 big blinds
Phil Laak – 310,000 (+10,000) 78 big blinds
Talal Shakerchi – 297,000 (-3,000) 75 big blinds
Tony G – 244,000 (-56,000) 61 big blinds
Jennifer Tilly – 209,000 (-91,000) 52 big blinds

Good level for

Dan Shak The businessman managed to get two streets of value from his aces in a hand against Jennifer Tilly (see below). With a second place finish in the first heat, he’s definitely got more room to take risks in the early stages. But, he hasn’t needed to thus far and finds himself in good shape in the early stages

Bad level for

Jennifer Tilly She not only lost 70,000 in that chunky pot against Dan Shak but dribbled more chips away in a series of small pots and also had to give a hand up to Jason Mercier on the turn.

Tony G The man from down under has got a face like thunder on after getting on the wrong end of a coule of pots. First he lost a pot to Igor Kurganov when the Russian flopped a set, although to be fair Kurganov had a better pair to start with. He then made the second nuts with pocket kings on a board only to find that Talal Shakerchi had the case ace. He did though lose the minimum.

Hand of the level

From early position Jennifer Tilly opened to 5,000 with only for Dan Shak to raise to 15,000 from the big blind. He had a good reason to though as he had pocket aces. The flop fell , Shak then got tricky, checking the action to Tilly, who obliged by firing a bet of 20,000, Shak check-raised to 50,000 and TIlly made the call. The fell on the turn, “I’m not sure she’ll fold now given that she’s picked up a gutshot,” said Toby Lewis.

Shak slid out a bet of 70,000 and Tilly went into the tank, she cut out chips, counted her entire stack and then asked of Shak, “How big is your pocket pair?” Eventually she folded and Shak was a gentlemen as he showed Tilly he had the biggest pocket pair of all.

View from the booth

“He’s got her to put 30 big blinds in with just a pair of fours, that’s good going.”

Toby Lewis, who’s joined Jesse May in the booth, on the big Dan Shak versus Jennifer Tilly hand.

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