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This week’s partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday was one of the biggest in recent weeks as 1,020 players bought in by the time late registration ended. These 1,020 entrants were gradually whittled down over the next 10 hours until only the final table of eight remained.

Eight? You thought the final table should have nine players seated at it didn’t you? So did we, but when manmanatee (10th) and RasAAAAA busted at the same time on the final table bubble, the end result was this week’s finale only had eight players seated at it.

Let’s pick things up from the moment the final table formed.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table (June 8, 2014)

Seat Player Chips
1 WelshBabe69 752,215
2 BrEeZaSleTjU 646,134
3 BrEeZaSleTjU 646,134
4 Gab1P 358,924
5 Fiiiiiiint 962,113
6 xkkOverEV 788,989
7 WilhelmSream 683,318
8 pr0xima84  365,832
9 MehIFold 642,475

There were plenty of big pots from the second the players sat down, but the biggest of note involved the eventual champion BrEeXaSleTjU. He raised from the cutoff to 40,000 only to see Fiiiiiiint raise to 96,875 from the small blind. When the big blind folded BrEeXaSleTjU made it 173,750 to play. Fiiiiiiint moved all-in and BrEeXaSleTjU instantly called.

Fiiiiiiint turned over and BrEeXaSleTjU . By the river the board read and BrEeXaSleTjU doubled to over 1.2 million chips.

Some 35 mmore hands played out before the final table had its first official casualty of the night. Gab1P made it 50,000 to go from late position at the 12,500/25,000/2,500a level, one player folded and xKKOverEV three-bet all-in for 365,439 from the button. Gab1P made the call with and found he was in good shape against his opponent’s .

Gab1P’s nines stayed good as the five community cards ran .

Eight hands later and Gab1P sent another player to the rail, this time eliminating MehIFold in seventh place. Gab1P raised to 50,000 from late position and then called when MehIFold moved all-in from the big blind for 10 big blinds in total. MehIFold showed and was in bad shape against Gab1P’s .

MehIFold took the lead on the flop with his top pair and redraw to a heart flush. The on the turn was a complete blank, but the on the river gifted Gab1P a straight and busted MehIFold. Poker can be a sick game sometimes!

A couple of hands later and Gab1P continued his one-man wrecking spree by busting WelshBabe69. From under the gin, WelshBabe69 raised all-in for 367,715 (blinds 15,000/30,000/3,000a) with what turned out to be and once BrEeXaSleTjU folded, Gab1P three-bet all-in for over 1 million. Unsurprisingly, everyone else folded and once they had, Gab1P turned over [AcAs].

WelshBabe69 looked set to double when the flop came into view, but any shouts of joy were soon replaced with ones of despair when the appeared on the turn. The completed the board and confirmed WelshBabe69’s demise.

Another 49 hands played out before a player busted, the unfortunate soul crashing out being WilhelmSream.

By now the blinds had increased to 20,000/40,000/4,000a and the action folded to Fiiiiiiint in the small blind and he raised all-in, putting WilhelmSream to the test for his 434,388 stack. WilhelmSream answered with a call, showed and was a substantial favourite over Fiiiiiiint’s dominated .

WilhelmSream’s hand only stayed best until the flop and stayed behind on the turn and river to leave the final table with only four players.

Fiiiiiiint fell in fourth place 17 hands after WilhelmSream’s exit when he three-bet all-in from the big blind with after BrEeXaSleTjU had opened from the button. BrEeXaSleTjU called with and flopped the nut flush to send Fiiiiiiint to the sidelines in fourth place.

His seat hadn’t even gone cold when the three surviving players used the in-built deal making software to make a deal for the remaining prize pool, BrEeXaSleTjU taking $23,000 and the victory, pr0xima84 $15,850 and the runner-up position and Gab1P $14,850.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results (June 8, 2014)

Place Player Prize
1 BrEeXaSleTjU $23,000*
2 pr0xima84 $15,850*
3 Gab1P $14,850*
4 Fiiiiiiint $7,400
5 WilhelmSream $5,300
6 WelshBabe69 $3,900
7 MehIFold $2,900
8 xkkOverEV $2,400
9 RasAAAAA $1,920

Reflects a three-handed deal.

Congratulations to all of the players who reached the money places in this week’s $200,000 Guaranteed Sunday, and a special round of applause to our champion Paul “BrEeXaSleTjU” Berende.


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