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A guest post by E. Mark Gross.

In the past several years, very few new games have been introduced. Yet this year, as CEO of TableBrain, I am proud to say our company introduced a new game through called Double Hold’em.

It gives players more playable hands, more action and bigger pots! It’s a poker game built by poker fans for poker fans.

More continuous action and decisions at the table

But how did we get here? In 2006, I created Double Hold’em with my longtime friend and colleague, math genius Zvi Lando. We’ve spent more time than I could ever figure thinking about our passion, poker.

We’ve played the game, brainstormed endlessly and created several patent pending variations that reflect our core belief — create fun, intelligent games that allow players to have more continuous action and decisions at the table.

For better than three years, we refined our ideas and spoke to many of poker’s leading minds. While we were enthusiastic, in those early years there was a sense that a cloud hung over the industry. We persevered. We put our energy into further game developments and into promoting Double Hold’em.

Each player is dealt 3 hole cards

Now, what makes Double Hold’em fun and different? It’s that each player is dealt 3 hole cards (not 2) and there’s a betting round. After the flop, each player sets his cards in a “V” — the point card plays with each of the other cards BUT the non-point cards don’t play with each other. Each player thus creates two 2-card hands. There’s a betting round, followed by the turn and river cards opening — each followed by a betting round. You play your best hand.

It’s that simple. Still, there’s a great deal going on for novices and experts alike. It’s like Hold’em, but with a decision-step that affects your hand and multiplies your possibilities!

The game has been played extensively throughout the US. Momentum is building now that the game is exclusively at This is a proud moment for our company. It’s also the start of an exciting new era for our industry.

Join us on this journey, and let us know what you think. See you at the tables!

A guest post by E. Mark Gross, the CEO of TableBrain Corp and a professional cash-game player with extensive play in Atlantic City, Las Vegas and around the World.


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