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On May 11, pablito_21 decided to invest $215 in the special partypoker $500K Guaranteed Sunday and it turned out to be a superb decision. Why? Because when the dust had settled on one of the largest tournaments held at partypoker in recent times, pablito_21 had chopped with sweetster and turned that $215 investment into $83,471.48.

From Zero To Hero

Like many online poker players, pablito_21 discovered poker while in the midst of his studying and began playing freeroll tournaments.

“A friend introduced me to the game and although I wasn’t really interested in any kind of gambling at the time (still not actually), the ‘skill’ aspect of the game interested me and I quickly started playing online. First I played freerolls, but at the time partypoker had a smallish no-deposit bonus; which allowed me to build an actual bankroll there,” pablito_21 told the partypoker blog.

You’ve Come A Long Way Baby…

Pablito_1 has come a long way since grinding freerolls and can now be found playing tournament with buy-ins ranging from as low as $1 and up to $500, mainly in the online arena due to the flexibility it afford him.

“As I am a recreational player, I just play what fits in my schedule and what I enjoy, without any real form of game selection. I mainly play online, but due to becoming a father recently I really can’t put in much volume anymore. If I find the time, I’ll try to make it to a fun live tournament, but that doesn’t happen that often.”


With him looking up to players such as Daniel Negreanu, Martin Finger and Ole Schemion, it is no wonder that pablito_21’s tips for success include playing aggressively and sometimes unconventionally.

His five tips for poker success are:

  1. Don’t autopilot when playing
  2. Think outside of the box
  3. Don’t blame or loathe variance, but rather embrace it
  4. Think not only of your villain’s range, but also how they perceive yours
  5. You can’t win if you fold

In addition to being able to incorporate those five snippets of gold into you game, pablito_21 believes players need to be disciplined in their approach to poker, have intelligence and plenty of mental stamina.

Despite having more than $83,000 in his back pocket pablito_21 doesn’t plan to ditch the day job and turn professional at poker, citing that he enjoys playing as a hobby. He does however, plan to play plenty more tournament at partypoker so look out for the name pablito_21 at a table near you.

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