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Ever started a final table as the chipleader? If so, you probably know that having most chips at the table doesn’t give you that big of an advantage.

Take an average final table, look at the initial chip counts and compare them to the results. You’ll see huge stacks busting out early and those extreme shortstacks coming back to take the whole thing down.

Well, last Sunday’s 300K Guaranteed Tournament didn’t follow that pattern. The final table ended more or less the way it started. With meteze in top spot, followed by several more big stacks.

There’s always an exception

The one player to change his position substantially was Salon1966. While starting the last table in 7th place, he managed to climb up the ladder and finish in 3rd position.
After a lucky double up with against RAALF44‘s Pocket Jacks (two sixes on the board), he managed to cruise through the final table pretty much uncontested. His final hand saw him lose with against meteze‘s . An ace on the flop and that was that.

No Deal!

I can’t remember a 300K Guaranteed Tournament that didn’t end with a deal in the last couple of weeks. Not this time. With meteze having almost a 4:1 lead over FiveSecRule, heads up was played out. It took exactly 22 hands to get a decision. meteze opened with , RiveSecRule 3-bet holding and then called mezeze‘s all-in.

The board ran out and delivered meteze his first victory in a major event on PartyPoker.

Here’s what the Top10 took home:

1. meteze – $55,500
2. FiveSecRule – $29,400
3. Salon1996 – $17,700
4. RAALF44 – $14,250
5. I_love_72 – $11,250
6. KaptainLihas – $8,250
7. da26 – $5,550
8. Mimi_Tikki – $4,050
9. Antes08 – $3,000
10. firaldo87 – $2,550

Qualifiers for the upcoming $300k Guaranteed are running ’round the clock on PartyPoker. $1 is enough to start your journey towards what might be a life changing cash.


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