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Poker on the weekend there’s nothing quite like it, kick back, pump up our PartyPoker jams and crush it at the tables right? Well it looks like this weekend on PartyPoker could be a winner!

PartyPoker is without doubt Bigger and Better than it’s ever been before, we’ve got more upgraded tournaments, a $15 million guaranteed to play for every month, plus every 15mins there’s a new tournament starting.

So here’s 3 reasons why PartyPoker rocks the weekend:

  • 1)So you’re new to the poker scene? Then don’t forget to check out the New Player $1,500 freeroll
  • 2)Like to travel, see the world and play poker in some exotic locations? Then PartyPoker is the place for you! We got a ton of qualifiers to all major events, coming up is the WPT Barcelona
  • 3)Sunday, the big day for online poker right? Make sure you play in our fantastic 300K Guaranteed then as you could take home a five-figure payday for your troubles!.
  • Bonus!) You can even let us know how your game is going by tweeting updates using the hashtag #300KPartyPoker we’ll be on the lookout for your tweets and pics and will retweet the best ones.


So as Kara and Marvin will now tell you below, go make us proud!

How About Some Tunes To Go With That?

Our in house resident DJ Kara Scott can hook you all up with some sweet sounds too, check out her latest offerings right here with more to come. Enjoy!

Now Let’s Hear Your Thoughts

So what will you be playing this weekend? Tell us below and remember to follow us on Twitter for more poker greatness.


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