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“Der_steppenwolf” loves partypoker. You will often see his name in the live chat on our Twitch streams, in addition to him grinding our Daily Legends tournaments. It is his superb performance in the latter that saw him walk away with the Legend of the Week Leaderboard 1 title, an achievement that came with a prize of $466 worth of Daily Legends tickets despite his tournaments only costing $2.20 to enter.

Our leaderboard winner has not played online poker all that long. He was focused on his university studies until around 2019, which is about when he noticed a pattern in the poker results.

Realising Poker Is A Game Of Skill

“I stumbled upon some reviews of the final tables of high roller tournaments,” Der_steppenw0lf explained. “I noticed that the same people were often at these final tables. Players such as “bencb789,” “C. Darwin2,” “Lena900,” “hello_totti”, and many more, and this inspired confidence in me that poker was a game of sill and not only luck and chance.”

Being from a mathematics background meant Der_steppenw0lf had a natural affinity with poker, which is, of course, based on mathematics. His love of maths and the fact he now had confirmation there was a lot of skill involved in poker ignited something inside our Russian star in the making.

“In short, I decided to study poker alongside my other studies and enrolled in Benjamin Rolle’s tournament course.”

Der_steppenw0lf’s plans to improve as a poker player went on a one-year hiatus because he completed 12-month’s national service in the army. He now spends a lot of time pursuing his poker dream and works hard away from the table to improve his skills.

The Legend of the Week Leaderboard 1 winner had previously received a few prizes from the ongoing promotion in the form of tickets to the Five Diamond. However, he never actually set out to try and conquer the leaderboard; it just happened.

Turning Around a Couple Of Bad Months

“February and March was a tough time at the tables, but my family were very supportive. The second half of April was a success. I finished in the top six of The Deuce and a day later finished in the top 50 of The Double Jab. This gave me 170 points, which is usually enough for the top 15 on the leaderboard.”

“I reached the top 50 of The Deuce again and reached the final table of the Double Jab, but did so with only 7.5 big blinds. I should have busted on the first hand because my king-queen ran into ace-king, but I hit a flush on the river and doubled.”

Der_steppenw0lf never looked back and eventually emerged victoriously. Winning The Double Jab not only netted him the tournament’s top prize, but it locked up the top spot on the Legend of the Week Leaderboard 1.

“I was very happy everything worked out in my favour!”

$466 worth of Daily Legends tickets found their way to the account of Der_steppenw0lf, allowing him to play in some tournaments he would not be able to afford ordinarily. Despite the considerable jump in buy-ins, our hero is looking forward to testing his skills in these games.

“I perfectly understand that the fields will be stronger and the variance in one-time tournament more painful, but I will try to play my A-game and use this chance to jump to new limits. Before I use the tickets, I will ensure I have the right mindset, the come what may. I won’t lose anything because the tickets were free. Thanks to partypoker for this opportunity.”

Why Legend of the Week Is So Popular

The Legend of the Week promotion continues to prove popular among partypoker players, and Der_steppenw0lf seems to think he has the answer as to why.

“The action is simply amazing, everyone loves a freebie, and when it is also well deserved, it is a confidence booster. When you take into account the fields in tournaments are difficult to navigate through, even at the micro-stakes, then an extra check in the +EV column pleases everyone. In general, the action is amazing, and I hope the promotion continues running.”

Look out for Der_steppenw0lf in a variety of our Daily Legends tournaments, including The Headhunter, The Brawl, and sometimes The Flash. He hopes to see a return on his free Daily Legends tickets, giving him the bankroll for The Oceans, The Terminator, and The Predator! Good luck.

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