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Albert Iversen

After an incredible eleven hour session Dane Albert ‘ireadyoursoul’ Iversen was the last man standing in the PartyPoker Monthly Million.  Iversen took home a cool $200,000 for his troubles after fighting his way through a field of over 1500 players.

Play got under way at 12:45 EST with 1573 hopefuls sitting down each having paid the $600 + $40 buy-in to the marquee poker tournament at

200 places paid out

The championship blind structure ensured this was a tactical and tense tourney but it was not until we got down to the paid places starting at 200th place that the action really started to hot up.

H7517 was the unlucky bubble boy as his pair of tens was called by OldBettrHand, who stayed true to his name holding pocket rockets.  Each player was now guaranteed at least a $1300 pay day but only one man would take the  Monthly Million glory.

Following in the footsteps of recent winners and fellow countrymen Brian ‘Halfrek’ and Mads Wissing, Iversen took down the biggest regular tournament prize at PartyPoker after a short but explosive heads-up battle with shadydog1111.

Overcards win against the pocket pair

The final hand saw both players all-in pre-flop with Iversen holding Ac, Kd and shadydog111 the slight favourite with pocket 4s.  As is often the case a heads-up tussle was decided by an overcards against a pocket pair race.

Despite being the underdog ireadyoursoul hit his ace on the first card and maintained his lead through to the river as the board landed Ad 7h Qh 7d Jd.  Shadydog111 was left to console himself with an admiral second place finish and the not so inconsiderable sum of $110,000.

PartyPoker Monthly Million Top 10

Screen Name            Win Amount(USD)
ireadursoul                             200,000.00
shadydog111                         110,000.00
tottigoal10                               69,000.00
Pikkemand999                         54,500.00
ernesto_777                            46,000.00
Ivanskyvol                               34,500.00
Trunkmanie                              26,500.00
zeksymashine                          17,500.00
BODYROXER                             13,500.00
Maxim25                                    9,500.00

The Monthly Million takes place on the first Sunday of every month.  Satellite tournaments run throughout the month starting from as little as $1.  You can find the entry route to suit you over at and then register for that tourney with our new tournament schedule that lets you register online rather than through the poker lobby.

Image by Pokernyhederne


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